Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Helloo

Howdy, how are you today? I'm just popping in really quickly (it is technically still the weekend after all!) to share an update on the avocado stone that I'm hoping one day will be a little tree.
As you last saw it
I've been checking every week and watching as a faint line turned into a crack in the skin. Then, I was pretty intrigued on Friday to see that the stone had split down the middle, just like the instructions I've been following said that it would! And I was planning to show you what progress the little tree-to-be had made, but instead I only have this:
Two halves of a whole
It only happened this morning and I am pretty disappointed! It seemed to happen in slow motion: the Terror on Four Legs (that is, Oreo), jumped up on the kitchen bench (where he is not allowed), in hot pursuit of a dragonfly. In his haste to catch the dragonfly, he knocked the cup that was holding the avocado pit -which was precariously holding together as it was. That then caused the pit to fall in apart in two separate pieces. Wop-wop! One of the specific instructions on how to make the stone turn into a tree is "Take care not to disturb or injure the tap root." Doh!
One half, with a little bit of growth
After having a good squiz at what had been growing, I tried to see if the stone could be salvaged to continue to do it's thing on the bench. But now that they were separated, the two parts just kept sinking without the support of the other part of the pit and the connection of the growing seed.
The other half, with perhaps the start of a tap root?
So, with a sad face I gave it a little burial in the garden where I would have planted the little tree- had it grown. Who knows, it may still grow without my constant supervision! I'm not holding my breath though. It has been a fun experiment nonetheless and it cost me nothing but a little time. I think PK may have even captured the dragonfly chase on video, so I may be able to show you the collapse in action!

Have you attempted to grow something like this before? Are there any green thumbs out there with some pearls of wisdom?

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Chloe Brock said...

That's really bad, it could have turned into a tree. But still you can try it again, that if your really want to which I really doubt. Though I haven't try this one yet. But in my case I have tried to invest in a property which turned out to be a bad investment cause the property lease agreement wasn't properly laid out. Though it doesn't stop me from investing other properties. Just what they said try and try until you succeed.

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