Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOW: Euro Trip

I have been on quite a few great holidays in my life (and hopefully many more to come!), some with PK, some without. One that always provokes a lot of questions (from other people) and excitement (from myself!) is my big Euro trip. This was the first time that I had ever flown alone and it was a pretty big undertaking! Many young people go to Europe for a holiday, but many go with a partner or a friend or have people that they are going to catch up with when they get there. I didn't. I got on the plane and travelled around Europe on my own without any safety net except the friends I made along the way- some of whom I still keep in contact with today! I still can't believe I got up the courage to go!

Many of the magnets on my fridge are from the countries that I explored in that trip (in no particular order):
San Marino
So many memories are tied to those magnets- too many to detail today, but each are special in their own way. And each time I see them, I am reminded of each country and the adventures I had there.

Have you been on a holiday like mine that changed your life? Perhaps you've been to Europe and would like to share your experience?

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