Monday, July 4, 2011

I Heart USA

From Back to Basics
Hello dear readers!

I just wanted to quickly pop in and wish all of our American friends (and perhaps there are even some American From Muriel readers too?) a wonderful American Independence Day!

PK and I travelled to the US a couple of years ago and LOVED it! We did a group tour that took us from New York across the northern states (including a short foray into Canada) all the way to LA. And yes, I did pick up a few magnets from that trip ;) I hope we can return sometime soon, but we'll have to build up the funds again post kitchen reno. Travelling is so much fun but unfortunately living in Perth too often means expensive airfares!

Today also happens to mark seven years of togetherness for me and PK, so it's always a happy day for us :) I've been told that I had to keep tonight free from 7pm, so PK must have something nice planned! I love surprises though, so I've tried not to pry or guess too much.

Why not try and incorporate something with a little American flavour into the rest of your day? It could be something as easy as "Mac & Cheese" for an afternoon snack or a coffee to go from Starbucks (if you have one where you are, they haven't invaded Perth yet!). I think I'll entertain myself by drooling over things I can't afford on the website of the widely adored Anthropologie and catching up on my blog reading, how about you?

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