Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW: Breaking News!

So, you'll remember I told you I was sitting on some big news recently?

Well, I think it's time to share that news! Now, don't get too excited because although this news is HUGE to me, I'm not sure exactly how big it will be for you all... But hey, it's my blog right!? ;)

So the news... I've got myself a NEW JOB! I haven't really said a lot about my occupation here on the blog -because basically I wanted it to be all about Muriel and not so much about me- but this new job will mean a change for PK and myself and therefore Muriel as well! My new title will be "Field Application Specialist". Sounds fancy huh!?

Previously I was working in a pathology laboratory as a Medical Scientist. Put simply, I was one of the people that ran the machines to analyze blood samples, as well crossmatching blood for transfusion. It is a stressful job, especially where I was working due to the shift work involved. Also, although scientists are an essential part of the healthcare system, they are widely under-appreciated!! I had been working in the same job for over five years and although I still enjoyed the work, the shifts were definitely getting to me! As sad as I was to leave my workplace, I am so very excited about my new position! I'll leaving shift work behind and joining the 9-5 "normal" workers out there, so I have a whole new routine to get used to, as well as all of the things that come with a new job.

Hopefully, what this means for the blog is a little more regularity! No more writing posts in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night! But I'm not really sure what my routine will be like just yet- I find out next week! Until then, wish me luck! I haven't been the new person for a very long time!!

PS Please excuse the lack of pics or links or anything interesting at all- the lappy has kicked the bucket (or at least the battery for it has) so I'm writing this on the iPad- and Apple and Blogger don't seem to like each other! Hopefully I have it fixed soon!

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