Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Review

2012 is very nearly here! If you listen to the pessimists, this is the year that the world is going to end, though I'm not so certain- I think that this year will be the best yet! (But if you are worried, I did find this forum which might help!) I have a lot to look forward to next year, but let's begin with a look back. After all, it has been quite a busy year!
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I certainly can't believe that I kept up with this blogging thing for this long -even if I did cheat a little in the middle! We started this year without a clue but with one grand scheme in mind: to renovate the kitchen! The majority of FM's early posts were all about that, so much so that friends have asked if I started the blog just to show off pictures of the kitchen?

In part the answer was of course, yes! But I also started writing this blog as an outlet for my creative side, as a sanctuary from the doldrums of my day-job and a new way of communicating and exploring fresh ideas!

I've also shown you a little of my attempts towards being self-sufficient and developing my green thumb:
And then, of course, the photos that had to be posted of Oreo, naughty puddy-tat that he is!
So while that was a quick recap on the main topics covered this year, what were your favourite posts? What would you like more of? Less of? What are your interests? Where do you visit Muriel from? Luckily, Blogger Stats has some of those questions covered! Out of over 6000 views(!!!!), your top three posts of 2011 (by number of hits):
  1. Wow: Breaking News
So I guess you like be teased a little, huh?! It is interesting to see that these weren't the most laborious posts to write, but were amongst the most honest!

Blogger also tells me that while the bulk of readers are here 'Downunder', you are also tuning in from the US, UK, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia and Canada! Maybe I should start greeting you with a few different languages (although I would have to learn them first)? Unfortunately though, Blogger can't tell me what you would like to read more or less of, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated! A New Year calls for change, so I hope to bring something different From Muriel in 2012 and I'm open to ideas!

However, that can wait for now because I have a NYE party to get to! Until we next meet, all of us here at FM hope you have a fantastic NYE and we'll see you NEXT YEAR!!

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