Monday, December 19, 2011

Its (finally) beginning to look (a little) like Christmas!

Good morning everyone! I'm feeling good this morning because I finally managed to spread some Christmas cheer around Muriel. I've been a little slow off the blocks this year and December just seemed to appear out of thin air! I love this time of year but it just streams by so quickly!

I managed to have the tree up in the first weekend, but I didn't progress any further than putting lights on it. Although the tree doesn't look too bad with just lights, I always like to have a well dressed tree to herald the holiday season.

I think it looks so cheery with all of its finery! And a few presents underneath certainly help as well :) I don't have a particular 'theme' for decorating (especially because we don't have that many decorations as it is) but I make sure that all of my favourites are there. Like this bear ornament that we picked up in the States back in '08:
And this little balloon-dog-but-actually-metallic ornament I picked up in the post Chrissy sales last year- he's so shiny!

A few decorations have also found their way around the house away from the tree- but nothing too fancy. After all, anything that is within paw reach needs to be Oreo-proof- or at least not too precious!

He is especially found of eating the lights on the tree- if anyone has any bright ideas about how to stop him from doing this, I'd be much obliged! I bought this little tree in the sales as well. I have it on the kitchen bench so I'm hoping Oreo doesn't find it because the tiny ornaments are definitely small enough to swallow!
Now all that's left to do in the last few mad days before the big day to pick up the final few presents, wrap them up and do some Christmas baking (nom nom nom)! Oh, and a few days of work as well... I hope I can fit it all in!
What are your plans for Christmas? Are you feasting with family? Catching up with friends? Or just taking a loooong break away from it all? I'd love to know!

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