Monday, December 5, 2011

Kitchen Accounting

All righty ladies and gents, it's (past) time to cross the t's, dot the i's and carry the ones. This post is all about whether the reno actually matched up to what we were aiming for, if we are happy and the actual* COSTS of it all!! Firstly, the objectives- (you'll remember these from this post of old):
  • Dishwasher- big enough to fit dishes from a dinner for six (for when we entertain or alternatively, three days worth of dinners if it's just the two of us) Check!
  • Rangehood- no more stinky house! Added benefit of extra lighting too Check!
  • Knock out the ledge- no more separation from the party for me! Check!
  • Increase bench space (by dropping oven to below bench)- definite requirement in such a small space  Check!
  • Increase storage with cabinetry above fridge and also over the bench on the eastern (stove) wall  Check!
  • More drawers- also to increase functional storage Check!
  • Soft closing drawers and doors- Mmmmm no more banging (noise that is!) Check!
  • Undermount sink- we think these look stylish and no more grit sitting underneath the rim  Check!
  • Large new tap to allow easier cleaning of pots and other large items Check!  
  • Hidey hole for the microwave (it really is an ugly but necessary invention isn't it?) Check!
  • Glass, full height splashback- super stylish, but too exxy? Check!
  • Utilise dead space made by the dishwasher (? extra cupboard/shelves) Check!
  • New lighting Still contemplating this one...
  • Unified flooring throughout the great room Check!
Our beloved deep undermount sink!
Next: Are we happy? Too right we are! There have been a couple of compromises along the way though:
  • Originally, we had planned to have the glass splashback on the back (oven) wall and the window wall. But after consulting with a few suppliers, we found out that we couldn't do the window wall in one piece as the section underneath the window was too narrow. So we decided to do something else for that area rather than have joins in the glass which we thought would be ugly and avoided the hassle -and the added cost of another wall of glass- altogether!
  • The stone benchtop supplier stuffed up and cut our template too short, so now there is no overhang to protect the cabinets from cascading water. We didn't actually notice at first so we weren't too concerned, but we were a bit annoyed when they tried to pass it off as 'modern and minimalist'! But it is a liveable compromise on our original design- plus it means more of the cabinet is on display!
  • The appliance cubby when originally installed was NOTHING like what we understood from the plans or what we had asked for- it was shallow and had a shelf installed through the middle of it. Not conducive to storing a microwave inside! But KitchenHaus modified a module for us and installed it how we wanted it. Win! 
The (now) awesome microwave cubby
The dinner results:
  • Pizza- 3 times
  • McDonalds- at least 4 times
  • Hungry Jacks- once
  • Wok King- twice
  • Nandos- once
  • Indian- once
  • Thai- once 
  • Chicken Treat - once
  • Mee Goreng noodles- at least 5 times (me only)
  • Tinned Baked Beans- at least 5 times (PK only)
  • My parents'- twice 
  • Family BBQ- once
  • PK's Boss' BBQ- twice (a little scary but helpful!)
  • PK's brother-  about 7 times (his big portion sizes = left overs)
  • Friends- twice 
So you can see why I was so excited to finally do some grocery shopping for some real food!! More than a month on takeaway is not great for your body or mind!
Another reason we are so enthusiastic about our little vegie patch!
And finally, the total monetary cost... *well, its actually a little vague! Because we did some things ourselves, we saved some money in some places on labour certainly, but we may have spent extra on materials as we aren't professionals! I guestimate that we spent around $500 ish at the hardware store? It might be a little more because I can't seem to find all of the receipts... good accountants we are not!

I can tell you that after totally up all the payments we've made to KitchenHaus, the electrician, the plumber, the supplier/installer for the floor tiles and the wall tiles... it comes to more than $20,000!! So not exactly the cheap, easy and quick(!!) renovation that I was envisioning when PK and I first started talking about this project. But would we change anything now that it's done? I don't think so!

So tell me, are you shocked? Did you think it was more/less? Are you disgusted by how much takeaway we ended up consuming? Would you have done anything different? I'd love to know what you think!

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