Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merrrrrry Gift-mas!

So, the Christmas crush is mostly over- have you survived? Did Santa bring you everything you were hoping for? Personally, I wasn't too fussed about receiving this year because I was so excited about giving!! Here are some of the presents ready for my brother and sister, my parents, PK's parents and family:
Presents all wrapped and ready to be delivered!
Of course I couldn't show or tell you about what was inside these packages before the recipients had unwrapped them could I?! Giving presents is always quite a large part of every December in my family as we have a few birthdays as well as Christmas and New Year to celebrate. My brother was born on Christmas day, but before you start taking pity on my dear brother, he gets separate presents for birthday and Christmas just like the rest of us. Then just a few days after Christmas comes my sister's birthday. And then just a few years ago, PK's sister welcomed a daughter on Christmas Eve! So you can see that this time of year is always choc-full of celebrations for us!
Can you spot some presents hiding under the tree?
I had everything planned out in advance this year (I just had to get out and make it happen!). For my sister's birthday present: some Euros on her cash passport for her birthday; and for Christmas: some essentials that she might have forgotten or not realised she needed (eye mask, ear plugs, travel diary, travel tag and matching passport cover, washing powder, personal soap and sunscreen). For my brother: a new "K-fold" trick wallet (with some money of course) for his birthday and an assortment of international beers (awesome little shop!) with some quality schooner glasses to enjoy them in for Christmas.
PK's favourite soap
For the most important person in my life I saved and planned for quite a while. I knew what I wanted to get for him, but it was a little pricey. But then he went and splurged on a beautiful engagement ring for me, so I knew I was off the hook! I always like to give PK a few little gifts, so I had already collected some of his favourite soap, plus a new BPA-free drink bottle and a recipe book for the slow cooker. And then, just before Christmas, I picked up the final part of his gift:
A brand new Pixie Nespresso coffee maker! Now you might recall that I went through quite a coffee phase earlier this year, but to say that PK has a coffee addiction would probably be an understatement! He has been having at least two coffees a day, so I thought it would be a pretty good investment. A friend had counselled me that he might want to become more involved in the actual grinding/brewing process but I know my man! One push of a button and beautiful, silky, fragrant coffee is delivered into your cup. PK is in love and we have already used up the 16 taster pods that came with the unit! Not too bad considering we have only had full use since we got back from Denham!

I did of course, have gifts for other family members- but apart from the first picture above I didn't grab any evidence! I just enjoy living in the moment so much that I forgot to snap away :)

So that's more or less my gifting round-up, how did you go? Were your gifts as well received as you had hoped? Perhaps you had a Secret Santa at work or among your extended family or friends? I'd love to hear about it all! Share the gift-mas love!

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