Tuesday, January 10, 2012

365 Days or Photo-A-Day?

I have been reading Chez Larsson for a while, so I knew that this year I wanted to follow in Benita's footsteps and produce my own 365 Days photo compilation (go here to see her first week's photos!). What I didn't know is that there was something else starting at the same time that was very similar.

You may be familiar with the Photo-a-Day challenge that fat mum slim has designed- I've sure been seeing it around the blogospere! I checked it out just to find out what all the buzz was about and it's pretty cool- plus I think I have found yet another favourite blog :)

It's started quite a phenomenon, probably because its so damn easy and fun! I've decided to sort of, roughly, use this challenge as a springboard, so if you're at all interested you'll be able to follow my pics before I post them here. Just follow me @shpwillah on instagram!

Otherwise, you can find lots of people following along using the hashtag JANphotoaday and if I can remember, I'll be one of them :)

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