Monday, January 16, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jan 13, 14 & 15

I was away from the computer over the weekend (yay doing things!)- so hence no "recap on my weekend" post. I will endeavour to get those promised posts under way soon *elephant in the room alive and kicking*! In the mean time, here are my pics from the weekend!

Jan 13
I always have the worst patience on the homeward flight after being away- I just can't wait to be back where I belong again! Somewhere in this crowd is my favourite person in the whole world- I think he was towards the back near that bright blue shirt. PK doesn't have to pick me up (I could easily catch a taxi home) but he makes that little bit of effort to be the first person to see me when he can. That first hug and kiss after being away is so precious!
Jan 14
On Saturday PK and a big group of friends travelled around the Swan Valley on a wine tour. Our fearless leader, featured here, organised it all including the bus and our lunch stop! It was fantastic fun, though unfortunately this was the only evidence I came away with, so I must have been having fun! I'll try to hold my phone steady next time- our friend isn't normally this blurry ;)
Jan 15
What do you think this is? A jet engine maybe? No, PK and I haven't started building our own aeroplane- this is actually the back view of the inside of our washing machine. It has been getting noisier and noisier over the last few months and we had diagnosed the sound as the bearings dying. PK took it upon himself to try and replace them himself. "How hard can it be?" Currently it is still in pieces in the laundry so watch this space...

So what about you? Any wine tours, flights or half-baked handyman DIY adventures in your weekend? Spill the goss!

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