Wednesday, January 25, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jan 24

Oh. Em. Geeeeeee. This pic tells you four things about me: 
  1. I need to charge my iPhone (only noticed that after I took the picture)
  2. I have no reception in my own house (even though we are quite close to the exchange). I'll be switching carriers soon I think!
  3. I was slack again and didn't take a picture until later in the day (when the temp had already started to drop a little)
  4. Its frickin hot in Perth this week!
Its really really hot at the moment. The kind of hot that makes me not want to do anything, just sloth around under a fan or air conditioner. The kind of hot that gives me hayfever. The kind of hot that means I don't think I'm hungry until I've drunk about 1000L of water. Errrrgggghhhh!

Bring on Thursday I say! I'll be at a dear dear friend's house, soaking in their pool all day long for Australia Day. Might even get out long enough to eat something... Do you have any plans for Australia Day? Perhaps you're not from around here so Thursday will be a normal day for you? What are you up to in your corner of the world?

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