Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jan 25

Howdy folks! Hope you're keeping cool (if you're in WA), dry (if you're in the eastern states of Oz) or warm (pretty much everywhere else in the world)! I was playing with a little freebie flag last night when I took this- getting ready for our national day of celebration! By the time this post is up I hope to be floating in our friends' pool, surrounded my my favourite people and music and enjoying everything that this day can offer!

Where ever you are, why not embrace the sentimentality of Australia Day? (As I see it) -A day to celebrate the many peoples and cultures that make up this great nation, to hopefully forget all the stresses and worries and relax. This is the day I think is most dedicated to BBQ's, outdoor living, friends and fun! So I hope you have a fantastic day and if you are in Australia, have another snagger or prawn (or alcoholic beverage if you're so inclined) for me too!

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