Monday, January 30, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jan 27, 28 & 29

Jan 27
I had to bring some work home on Friday- with the Public Holiday yesterday there just wasn't enough hours during the week! I've tried to limit myself to what I think I can handle... Hopefully I can read through this bunch and have it memorised by Monday morning! If not, well at least I will have tried!
Jan 28
I have a training session in the city every Saturday morning with a Personal Trainer. It's no big deal, just something I like to do to keep a little fit, improve my strength and to get myself pumped up for the weekend! I have a habit of looking down while I walk, so I try to make a conscious effort to look UP once in a while. I'm always amazed at the different things I see. For example, I had never realised that this building was so tall- having only really ever looked at the first two levels!
Jan 29
In the local paper just recently there had been an article about a local pop-up farmer's market that was going to be trialled for a few weeks. The day after I read that, PK and I went to have a look but managed to turn up just as they were packing up :( So when I saw an ad promoting that it was now every Sunday, I was adamant that we should go- and I was not disappointed! There was so much fresh produce and specialty wares, we came home with quite a bounty! The smells were amazing; there was a kettle corn maker, a crepe station, coffee, gelato and honey... I was a little put out that I wasn't hungry! Maybe next time I'll remember not to eat breakfast first...

So that was the last few days here at Muriel! How was your weekend?

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