Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Denham Recap -Finally!

I must apologise guys, this post should really have gone up weeeeeeeeeks ago! But here it is finally, a few pics and a quick recap of the trip PK and I took up to Denham for Christmas!

So last I left you, the Forrie was all packed and ready for this epic drive right? Just to give you an idea of how far Denham is, Google maps tells me that it should take just under TEN HOURS to get there by road. We took a little longer, but that is because we stopped in Geraldton to refuel the car -and ourselves.
There was a lot of wide open road!
Usually around Christmas time it's a mad race to try to fit both families in, but this year we took it a little easier- we spent some time with my family before we left and then the holiday was filled with PK's family :) We arrived in Denham just around dusk on Thursday (22nd of December), just in time to share dinner with PK's sister and her family. PK's parents were also in town, so we were lucky that we could spend some time with everyone. It was such a delight being around R's children!
R's youngest daughter loved climbing this tree- not so keen on getting down though!
I'm the oldest in my family and we have no extended family in the state (with only a small amount in this country), so little nieces and nephews are not yet a regular thing for me! But over the time that we were there, I felt that the three kids and I got to know each other a little better. :)
We had lots of beautiful sunsets!
On the Friday we spent some time seeing the sights around Denham, with Shark Bay and Monkey Mia short drives away. We spotted stacks of wildlife- sting rays, sharks, turtles and fish galore!
And this guy, just cruising a long in the middle of the road!
Unfortunately while I was watching the kids and enjoying the cool waters of Monkey Mia, I managed to burn the backs of my legs, including the backs of my knees. This left me in quite a bit of pain for the rest of the weekend (mainly because my calves got really swollen and stiff), though I still did my best to participate!
The gorgeous girls!
On Saturday morning PK and I awoke early and went to see the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia. They have a few baby dolphins at the moment, so you weren't allowed in the water, but it was quite magical to see them so close. The dolphin calves were so small and were still learning to swim like their mothers, so there was a little splashing about and showing off. Well worth the early alarm!
Can you spot the dolphin in the background?
The rest of the day PK and I spent exploring a little. We did some splashing around in one of the little lagoons with the Forrie as well.
Sunday was of course, Christmas Day! By the time that PK and I arrived at R's house, the kids were wide awake and had already ripped open a lot of toys, but it was still a joy to watch them open a few more! There was a toy tool set which was well received- although it was plastic, the toy hacksaw was soon put to use on the new playhouse and forced through cardboard. That took some skill! R's youngest was also keen to use his new favourite word- PK's name! He kept bringing PK books and flipping through them, pointing at all of the cars, trucks and boats while sitting on PK's lap. It was so cute!
One of our only photos of R's littlest- just look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks!
Before long it was time to depart again! We were sorry to leave, especially as we were driving out the constant wind finally died down- it had been blowing around 30 knots the entire time that we were there! Oh well!

With so much wind, how could we not fly a kite? :)

With such a long journey ahead of us, PK and I set out early on Monday morning for the drive home. I had such a great time and although it was a quick holiday, I was rejuvenated all the same.

Did you go away for Christmas? I'd love to hear about your holiday! Or perhaps you have little nieces or nephews? Got any tips for a novice aunt?

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