Friday, January 20, 2012

Laundry Makeover

If you have been following along with my 365 Days project, you will likely have noticed that PK and I have begun a new project here at Muriel. This time we're focusing on the laundry, shown in an old picture here:

We had looked at laundry set ups a couple of time and thought about improving what we had, but it was more a 'one day' project than a 'today' project. Then last weekend, PK decided that we were going to do it- just like that! To keep it simple, we have picked up a flat pack modular system (this was us picking up the parts!) and we will be doing a little alteration to make it work for us.

You might have thought that this:
Jan 15
was part of the makeover plan, but really that was just something that needed to happen! The washer noise had been getting worse and worse and I had been ignoring it by reducing the spin speed... Not the best plan of action to be honest! But since PK's attempt to fix the machine has ground to a standstill, we are without a way to wash our dirty laundry for a while- doh! It shouldn't be too much of an issue though, we know plenty of people willing to lend us their laundry for the day and it won't be long before we have our own again :)

But anyway, the makeover! We decided that we wanted more efficient storage in the laundry (part of our overall master plan to turn Muriel from a rental to a home) and we liked the look of laundries that had bench space. So once we had decided to go for it, out came the last of the old verticals which we had hardly ever used and were quite past their prime. They were followed by the sink/cupboard trough thing:
and the not-yet-repaired (but there is still hope!) washing machine:
PK put both large items on Gumtree to hopefully keep them out of landfill- the pic I posted for Jan 17th was the result of those ads (the verticals went into the rubbish- no salvaging those!). We have not yet disposed of the washing machine, but the trough was taken that night which adds a little bit extra to the budget balance!

So at the moment, that leaves Muriel with quite an empty area:
Oreo doesn't really understand what's going on! The laundry has always been 'his' room, where all of his food, water, bedding and litter tray have always been, so he is quite confused.

You'll notice that there is also the last of that delightful pinkish floor tile that we demo'd out of the kitchen/ living areas adjacent. We're not really sure what we're going to do with that!

On one hand it would be easier to just leave it and put the cupboards in over the top, waiting for the time when we re-do the other 'wet' areas (bathroom and separate toilet) so that they are all the same. It has irked me since we moved in that the laundry was tiled differently to everything else- different tile than the other wet areas but laid the same way; or the same tile as the 'great' room, just laid on the straight instead of diagonal. Very odd!

On the other hand, it would probably be smarter to sort out the floor covering while everything is out of the way. Also, I would love to get rid of the pink and put in something that would go well with what we have done already and what we (I) plan to do elsewhere... What do you think?

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