Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Boxes

Having picked up all of the flat-packs from the hardware store, PK and I now have the glorious task of assembling all of the cabinets. Guess what we were doing yesterday?
First we unpacked it all and made sure that everything that was needed was actually in the box. You never know with these things- and once you start assembling the warranty is void!
Part A attaches to Part B and so on, forming a neat little box shape. PK was very vigilant and even used construction glue to make sure this baby will be rock solid!
And finally you have one mostly complete laundry cabinet. All that's left after this is to move it into place and attach the doors and kickboard... and benchtop. Because it's only a small room we only have to assemble a few of these- not like the number for boxes for the kitchen!

In other laundry news, we attended a warehouse car-park sale on the weekend and picked up a tap for half price. PK also sourced a very good laundry tub for way less than retail, so we're saving a few buckeroos here and there, which is always a good thing!

How about you? Did you assemble any cabinetry recently? Any tips for newbies like me?

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