Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sleepless Night

Morning all! I had a very restless sleep last night! Perth had a huge storm front pass through, with wind up to 25 knots- that's pretty strong!
From Seabreeze
While I was used to this when PK and I were in Denham over Christmas (yes, I will get around to posting about that soon!), it was quite a different story here at home!

Between Oreo complaining, the wind causing the blinds to flap about and the actual noise of the storm with thunder and lightening, I don't think I grabbed much sleep last night. And the forecast temperature for today is 36'C, which is definitely not going to help my demeanour- no matter how much Nespresso coffee I drink! ( ;) Enjoying one now!)

So look out world, I think I'm going to be cranky today!

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