Friday, February 17, 2012

365 Days a Year: Feb 16

Ugh! This is my least favourite job in the kitchen- chopping onions! If I can I usually ask PK to do it for me! I've tried a few techniques suggested for avoiding the dreaded onion cry- keeping the area well ventilated, keeping onions in the fridge beforehand, running your wrists under cold water... not much seems to help! Any tips peeps? Maybe I should try the match-stick trick from the movie "The Help"?

Its not like I really needed any help to have a bawl this week- the stress got a bit much for me earlier and I let it all out in the time-honoured female way- poor PK, he bore the brunt of it! I hate crying on my own accord though, I just feel drained afterward and not in any way better! Give me a tear-jerker movie (eg Atonement? The Notebook? Beaches?) and I'll sob for the characters and feel fine, but crying for myself just gets me no-where. Am I alone in this? Not sure, but maybe I should have chopped the onions earlier in the week and just passed it off as their fault!

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