Monday, February 20, 2012

365 Days a Year: Feb 17, 18 &19

Feb 17
Oreo went a little mental on Friday night- he was zooming around the house like a mad thing and at one point scaled the front security door (which I had open to let in the breeze). He then realised that from there he could reach over onto the (newish) hat/coat rack and do some exploring... so he did. And then promptly fell off the hat rack as the sombrero was only just perched there!
Feb 18
PK and I went to an engagement party on Saturday night! It was loads of fun, even though I didn't really know many people (and PK knew fewer) apart from the groom to be. It was quite a well planned night- on arrival we were given these name tags so that everyone could meet new people and it really worked! Then when we got home and took them off, I just happened to have a magazine open to a page advertising bedding and so the name tags go to spend the night in bed together ;)
Feb 19
Another weekend, another set of bridal stores! I was too busy the last few weeks to organise any viewings over the last few weekends, but this week I was determined to make sure I had at least two. The dress won't just find itself after all! The shop on Saturday left me, my mum and a bridesmaid quite deflated as the dresses were all wrong and the attendant was obviously eager for a sale...

I wasn't expecting much from the Sunday booking either, especially after the first few dresses- but then, there it was! The dress PK will marry me in was found! I'd love to show copious pictures of this beauty (the dress I mean) but I do want it to be a surprise!! This table setting was in the foyer of the store where they had a couple of extravagant dresses on display as well as some lovely flower arrangements. I'm still on such a high from finding "the One" -I'm getting married!!!


penguin said...

so hows it going :)

Cathy said...

Hi there Penguin! Things are quite hectic around here at the moment, but PK and I are healthy and happy so all is well! Thanks for dropping by!

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