Monday, February 27, 2012

365 Days a Year: Feb 24, 25 & 26

Feb 24
PK and I were lucky enough to head out on the river in a friend's boat on Friday afternoon for a twilight sail. Nothing like the wind in your hair to blow out the cobwebs of the week before! Plus it was nice to have a little down time away from the computer and my task-lists!
Feb 25
I pulled out the Bernina on Saturday to make another attempt at hemming the curtains in the dining space. I thought I had it right and took up a centimeter across the width of one of the panels. Unfortunately either the curtain, the curtain rod or the floor is not square/level! So one end is now perfect while the other appears to need another 5cm or so taken up... The second panel is yet to be hemmed at all- such a bad housewifey!
Feb 26
Another example of being a bad housewifey- I conned PK into going out to dinner last night :) We had an offer to head out with some friends to an outdoor cinema, but after another busy weekend we really just wanted to keep it low key last night. PK made a last minute booking at a local restaurant and then we headed out for a 'date night'. We could easily have done take-away (it was Indian after all), but just getting out of the house made it a little bit spesh. We may have spent half the time talking about wedding plans...

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