Monday, February 6, 2012

365 Days a Year: Feb 3, 4 & 5

Feb 3
I arrived home from work on Friday to find that our new washing machine had been delivered! Oh happy days- now I won't have to burden PK's brother or my mum with extra washing :)
Feb 4
Upon wakening on Saturday morning I found Oreo's cute little furry face peering back at me. He must have crept into our room some time during the night, but I was so dead tired that I didn't realise! While we are making over the laundry he has been somewhat displaced, so we've let him roam the house at night. I guess he thought our bed made a more comfy place to sleep than the couch?
Feb 5
PK worked hard all weekend and finally on Sunday afternoon we had finished the laundry makeover to the point that I was able to put a real load of washing through! This was actually a re-furb unit (so we got it for cheaper than retail), so we ran through a few maintenance/clean washes before proper use. I don't think our clothes have been this well treated in all their lives! We'll try to take better care of this machine than we did with the last one I think...

So that was my weekend- quite the homebody really! I needed a little bit of relaxation after the week I've had and I think PK did too. What did you get up to?

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