Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laundry Makeover- Part 2

When I last updated you on the laundry makeover, it looked like this:
- that is, quite empty! After removing the laundry tub and washing machine, there wasn't much left in the room apart from the built in cupboard. So we quickly set to work, building those flat packs into open shelving and cupboards ready for doors. Soon we had a few; the base cabinet for the new sink and a couple ready for hanging on the wall:
Next PK pulled out his power tools -plus a few borrowed from his dad- and set about cutting the benchtop down to size. Notice PK's lack of safety shoes? Yep, that came back to bite him a few minutes after this photo in the form of a painful toe... Not recommended folks!
After a few practice cuts to work out the best technique, PK was ready for the final cut...
with only one very slight adjustment!
Just look at how narrow that sliver is! I'd be so proud of my man if only he'd worn protective shoes as well! Well, I was pretty impressed anyway, really :) After some maneuvering, we had the benchtop in place and secured to the base cabinet and supports that PK had attached to the walls. He was very careful to make sure everything was level at every step!
Next on the agenda was to hang those upper cabinets- PK called in a taller assistant for this task! That's his brother in the background. He's a great resource to have living close by: tall and strong enough to help PK with tricky jobs like these AND he's a baker so we get lovely fresh bread every so often :D
So with some newly hung cabinets, that left us with a hole to cut for our new sink, the new sink and mixer to install (sneak peek here!), the doors to hang, the kickboards to attach... Oh yeah and a washing machine to purchase!

So what do you think? Is it looking better already? Are we sparking any ideas for your own laundry? I'd love to hear all about it!

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