Monday, March 19, 2012

365 Days a Year: Mar 16, 17 & 18

Mar 16
I am lucky enough to have a wonderful view of Perth city like this every Friday morning! My colleagues and I don't see each other very often during the week as we are all out on different tasks in the field, so once a week we have a meeting to catch up and discuss the week's happenings. It's probably the highlight of the working week for me! Mmmmmm coffeeee!
Mar 17
While PK was at a bucks party on Saturday, I was celebrating with another group of friends. One of them recently had her quarter-century birthday, so there was bubbly and cake... and fire of course! Well, first there was the BBQ, then fire, then bigger fire fueled by... well, fuel essentially! Boys will be boys! Apart from the fireball, we had a great night with lots of laughter (and cake!). Oh, and it was St Pat's so of course we had green balloons and party hats :)
Mar 18
The trusty Bernina made an appearance again yesterday! But this time I totally conquered the curtains!! Hooray! They are both neatly hemmed and now hang beautifully. I have no idea how long it took me to get this done- but it has been aaaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeesssss since we originally bought them!

PK requested that I don't make such a wide hem as I had attempted with the iron-on tape stuff and if I had just done that in the first place it would have been so much quicker than trying to keep the overlocked edge. Oh well. Yay for getting things done! I think I'm even getting the itch to do some painting again- maybe next weekend we might tackle finishing the hallway? Maybe.

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