Sunday, March 25, 2012

365 Days A Year: Mar 23, 24 & 25

Mar 23
I managed to find time on Friday afternooon to pick up a very important package! We love our Nespresso!
Mar 24
After getting some garden maintenance done on Saturday I took a stroll around the shops (I figured I'd earned it!). There were a few different types of these piggy banks- some had the antennae and stripes of a bumble bee, some looked like zebra. If we had a buffet type storage in the main living area (something that is on my purchase list), it would be the perfect spot for PK to store his change. Other than my wallet of course!
Mar 25
The sun setting on another weekend. I seriously don't know where my days go at the moment! One minute it is Monday morning and I have the whole week ahead of me and before I feel like I've blinked, it's Sunday evening again! PK and I managed to fit in a little bit of both families and personal time this weekend, as well as the gardening that I did yesterday and some chores today... so I guess it wasn't totally wasted. But still... if only the weekend lasted that little bit longer!

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