Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laundry Makeover- Part 3

So, I bet you thought I had completely forgotten all about posting anything other than the 365 Days project huh? *blush* Well, I haven't forgotten, I've just been a little... slow at getting anything else posted :P

Last I updated you on the laundry makeover, PK and his brother had just hung the overhead cabinets:
It didn't take PK long before he was onto the next stage of the makeover, the sink! The clever man had already sourced a stellar deal from Gumtree of a brand-new, never been used laundry sink! I picked it up one day during my lunch break and while we completed the next step, it lived in the garage.

The next step was to trace the shape of the sink, making sure to mark out the inside edge of the lip so that it would sit flush on the bench top. He then used a hole saw to make holes in each corner of the outline before breaking out the (borrowed) jigsaw.
The holes made the cutting easy as pie (or so I was told!) because all PK had to do from there was join the dots!
This left us with a lovely sink-shaped hole in the laminate, ready for the sink. PK then piped a bucket-load of silicone around the lip of the sink and we gently lifted it into place. After pressing down evenly all the way around the edge, we carefully wiped away any excess that sqeezed out the sides. I was maybe a little fanatical about this! On the recommendation of the builder guy we bought the sink from, we placed a piece of cardboard in the base of the sink with a couple of weights on top while the silicone cured. We also placed a piece of cardboard over the opening to the sink, just in case Oreo got a little curious. He is a cat after all!
PK was quite restless while we waited- he wanting to get cracking on the next part! Twenty-four hours later (a little excessive, but just to be sure), we lifted the cardboard off and removed the weights. We were quite happy with what we (mostly PK) had achieved so far! With the tap quickly connected -PK already knew how to do that from the kitchen install- it was beginning to look a lot like a laundry again!
Next to complete? Hooking up the new washing machine, installing the backsplash, having the electrician return and install a power point inside the base cabinet and reconnect the old point and attach all of the doors! Oh and put everything away and take 'finished' pictures of course!


Anonymous said...

The mode and the forge of your sink produce a big touch on the overall feeling of your abode bar. Choosing the best sink for your bar is one decision that you would want to do right the first time to spare you of costly replacements in the future.

Cathy said...

Thanks Suzie, we quite like it :)

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