Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mini Strawberry Field

I received this cute little benchtop garden kit for Christmas and had more or less forgotten about it since. (Although I was of course very happy to have received such a thoughtful gift!) Suddenly this morning I had an urge to do something and spied it sitting on the kitchen bench, ready to be planted. The kit comes with seeds and some loamy soil type stuff that you have to hydrate. The container becomes the planter and the lid creates a little hot house. So cute!
First you add some warm water and watch as the solid pellets expand before your eyes. I was a little impatient so I tried to hurry the expansion along a little bit by separating it with a skewer.
Before long, you have this lovely moist and loose soil! Far better than any of the stuff I have out in the garden, that's for sure! We should probably get onto that actually... a task for another day ;)

Once the soil is prepared, the instructions tell you to sow the seeds. I don't know why, but I'd never really thought about strawberry seeds when I eat them, but they are actually the little seeds on the outside of the berry. So you have these tiny tiny little seeds to plant- I just scattered them over the surface of the soil and pushed them under a little bit with the point of a skewer.
The final step was to pop the plastic lid back on and place it in a warm, sunny place! I chose the kitchen window sill so I can keep an eye on it. I'm excited to see how we go, I haven't really had too much success with window sill growing. But fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated on any developments :)

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