Monday, April 30, 2012

365 Days: Apr 27, 28 & 29

Apr 27
PK and I went for a little camping trip with some of my work colleagues over the weekend. We drove up after work on Friday afternoon, which meant that I had to have everything packed before work! It wasn't a long drive but I was definitely happy to have assembled this lot before-hand... and that PK did the driving!
Apr 28
We had some funny little visitors at our chalet on the first morning at the campsite. When I first looked out the door, there was just one duck sitting in the middle of the lawn. The next time that I looked, there were two! And when they saw me at the door they waddled up to me! I guess they were hoping I had some bread?
Apr 29
Oreo has the best ideas! Asleep in the middle of the day- oh to be a kitty! After a couple of days at Moore River, we were poopped! Walking to the top of the hill and kayaking on the river really took it out of us -not to mention the faux campfires (because there's a total fire ban) and the Glühwein!

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