Tuesday, April 10, 2012

365 Days a Year: Easter Weekend

Good Friday: Apr 6
Hooray! We had the whole long weekend ahead of us to relax and shake off the pressures from home- not downplaying the celebration of the day job-ers but we also have a couple of PHD-ers who were very pleased to get away! I enjoyed a lovely morning coffee on the top balcony on the first morning in the house, watching the wildlife in the bushland around us awaken. With my slipper socks on of course, because it was a little bit chilly! Also because they are so cool ;)
Apr 7
On Easter Saturday we took a trip, convoy style because there were that many of us, exploring the many different wineries of Margaret River. We started the day at The Berry Farm (HIGHLY recommended!) with some morning tea of pie, scones, tea and coffee. And then we did some wine and port tasting of course! We followed that visit with some extended "short cuts" through some unsealed roads because PK wanted to test out the Forrie. And because we could! Other places we stopped in at... Edwards Winery, Madfish Winery and Bootleg Brewery. We had hoped to have lunch at the brewery but it was completely packed out. *sad face*

J did some quick ringing around and secured us a place at the divine Wills Domain (it appears that their server is down but do a quick search and see who I'm talking about!)- where we had an amazing lunch accompanied by this fantastic view! I love finding new little places like that! It was definitely lucky that we managed to get in and I think it really made the day!
Easter Sunday: Apr 8
After such a busy Saturday we were all pretty keen for a bit of a lazy day on Sunday. Lucky that the Easter Bunny had already been clued in on where we would be, so we started off the day with a (very quick) Easter hunt :) Then, after some card games on the balcony/ reading a book/ watching a movie we all came together for a traditional Sunday roast. It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend, though bittersweet because we knew we would be driving home tomorrow. This picture was a quick snap to try and capture that energy- the late afternoon sun, the "Happy Birthday" banner for our birthday boy, the chairs and beers on the balcony and the view in the background... I didn't quite get it all in I think, but I guess leaving some things to your imagination is what lazy Sundays are all about?!
Easter Monday: Apr 9
And then there was Easter Monday. I have to be honest, I was asleep (or at least trying to be) for pretty much all of the journey home as I was a little... under the weather. PK did all the driving -while I supplied him with chocolates :) The traffic wasn't too bad considering how many people were travelling the same way and G was in the back seat providing us with to-the-minute information about traffic hazards and speed camers from facebook. It was definitely good to be home though!

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