Monday, April 2, 2012

365 Days a Year: Mar 29, 30, 31 & Apr 1

So, as I said earlier I was absent for the latter half of last week- so that means you get four days at once instead of the usual three! Hoorah!
Mar 29
I wasn't able to take any pics on Thursday as, of course, I wasn't able to use my eyes! So PK kindly took this ultra flattering pic of me after I had slept off the sedative they gave me to calm down for the procedure. The plastic shields are designed to prevent me from rubbing my eyes accidentally in my sleep. Totes sexy huh?!
Mar 30
By Friday I was able to use my eyes again (amazing huh?!?!?!), but unfortunately they weren't clear for long as they were soon filled with tears. :'(

My childhood kitty (who stayed behind at my mum and dad's when I moved into Muriel) had not been well for a while -as you can see she had facial cancer- but had not appeared too bothered until just recently. My mum called to let me know that they had decided to put her to sleep, as she had deteriorated and it would be kinder to prevent her further pain and suffering. It was a very sad afternoon for us all- Missey was my kitty to start with; she slept on my bed at night and would keep me company when I was studying (from upper primary school through to university!). When I moved out she became closer to my younger brother and sister but she will always be my Missey. I'm glad I got to say goodbye to such a special part of my life and that she is no longer in pain. RIP Missey moo!
Mar 31
On Saturday night PK and I attended the wedding of one of PK's uni friends and his beautiful partner. It was a lovely night, quite a spiritual ceremony which was unexpected as it was outdoors, but lovely none-the-less! This was the dessert- you should know by now that I love me some sweets! Meringue roulade with a strawberry coulis type sauce and a passionfruit sherbert. Nom nom nom! We had a great time, though I had to keep reminding PK to live in the moment and stop reflecting on what we could do at our own wedding!
Apr 1
No April Fools this year I'm afraid! After spending so long inside over the last few days due to the "laser" on Thursday, it was nice to escape to the riverside yesterday afternoon for a short time. PK needed to help his skipper pack away the yacht he crews on and I went along for the ride. It was great to just chill out, watch the rain clouds (finally) coming in, read my magasine, listen to some music and just enjoy life (without the need for glasses!)! Oh! And there were also some dolphins that swam by which was pretty cool too! A wonderful end to a wonderful weekend!

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