Monday, April 2, 2012


Howdy doody ladies and gents! I just wanted to drop you all a line about my (semi-planned) absence during last week -sorry about that!

As you might know (depending on who you are -Mum you definitely know this!), last week I had my eyes assessed to see if I was a candidate for laser eyes surgery. (That's what this pic was all about) I have wanted to do this procedure for myself for quite a while as I have been wearing glasses since 1999 and wasn't really happy about it!  I had hoped to make it happen last year (being my quarter-century) but PK and I didn't really have the money and being a shifty (ie shift worker), I didn't really have the ability to forward plan and know I could schedule it in.

Come 2012 and a change of occupation, those excuses didn't really fly any more. And of course, I had the added push from PK after he proposed- no way was I going to let a thing like glasses spoil my day! I wanted to be able to see the look on his face when I walk down the aisle towards him! I know that might seem like a silly reason to some, but I have never worn contacts and didn't really want to start just for a wedding (I have always had a mental issue with 'touching' my eyeballs!). So I decided to go for it and scheduled in a consult with an eye clinic. I had talked to many people who had gone through the procedure and done a stack of research, so I more or less knew what to expect in terms of cost and what to ask as well. Then, I was told that I was a great candidate (hooray!) and that I could pretty much go ahead with the operation straight away if I wanted to (as long as I had the finance sorted)... Well, we thought, why wait?!

So last Thursday I was admitted to day surgery and had my eyeballs "laser"-ed. :) And yes, whenever I say "laser" I mentally (or physically) do air quotations:

Yes, I know I'm juvenile :) So now I have absolutely fantastic eyesight! Without the need for prescriptive glasses! I have to tell you, it is pretty amazing not to have to rely on something external to know what is going on around me!

So that is why I wasn't posting last week- I had the drafts ready to go but then I couldn't use the computer (or watch tv or use the iPad for that matter) until my eyes were ready. But now I'm all good, so the rest of last week should pop up shortly :) Feel free to leave me a comment if you too have had laser eye surgery or if you have any questions- I'm full bottle on the how whys and where-fores!

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