Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Dos

I'm pretty sure that sometime recently I mentioned that I had a list of things that I want to get done around here didn't I? ...Yep, I alluded to it here and here- if not elsewhere as well! So, as a reminder for myself and for all the blog-o-sphere to see as a kick up the behind motivator, here is my master wish list as it currently stands! (I say my list, because PK probably doesn't even know what's in store for him... er the house! Hehehe)

  • Re-invigorate the garden, including retic and lawn
  • Re-paint the gutters
  • Replace the security light (the sensor is broken)
  • Install feature lighting/ improve the current external lights (related to the previous point)
  • Plant out the vegie patch
  • Develop a mini orchard with dwarf trees
  • Remove the halogen tube lighting from the kitchen
  • Remap the lighting in the great room to better fit the new layout (best seen here)
  • Turn the spare bedroom into a "lady cave" (because PK has his study!)
  • Put up enough frames on the wall in the great room to call it a 'gallery wall'
  • Paint the trim, skirting and doors white (in progress)
  • Have the great room ceiling painted (no way I'm tackling that one alone!)
  • Paint the study, laundry and both the master and spare bedrooms
  • Paint or paper or stencil the extra toilet walls for something fun
  • Re-tile the bathroom, laundry and separate toilet in the same tile for cohesion
  • And the big one: renovate the bathroom (eek!)
That's not too much to do is it? I'm sure I can get all of this done while working full time and planning a wedding without too much hassle... not! But it's good to have some sort of goals right? So here's to trying to get at least 50% of this crossed off by this time next year!

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