Monday, May 21, 2012

The Week That Was: Apr 30 - May 6

So here is installment number one of 'the catch up' weeks; April 30th to the 6th of May. This week was a lot of working and not much else I'm afraid, but I still did my best to find something interesting (to me) in every day!
Apr 30
"I am a Crunchy Nut" as they like to say in the ad! We don't usually buy Crunchy Nut cereal- mostly because it's not the best breakky choice, but also because it's usually so damn expensive! But on this Monday night shop, it was very much reduced so we decided to splurge just this once. My PT is currently away as well, so what he doesn't know can't hurt me right!?
May 1
I pulled out the slow cooker again this week and put it to good use, creating my first attempt at Minestrone soup tonight. It was pretty damn good! And the best part? It was already ready for me when I got home, tired and hungry. Joy!
May 2
PK and I had one of my colleagues for dinner on Wednesday night. He has been over here in WA lending me a hand and has been travelling for a while, so I thought it would be nice to provide a home cooked meal instead of another night of hotel food. I hope he enjoyed the food as much as we all enjoyed the bottle of Shiraz he brought! (We also went and watched The Avengers after dinner- it was awesome!)
May 3
PK gave me a present on Thursday when he got home from work... a little late but he thought it might be a good birthday present. I'm still reading it- there are tons of great ideas in there (though more suited to a new build than a reno like Muriel)!
May 4
I made an attempt at poached eggs on Friday morning... I'm sure you can tell I didn't really succeed! I found that I didn't have an vinegar in the house (after using it up for cleaning purposes) so I tried to use the plastic wrap technique. It didn't work out the first time and I was in a little bit of a hurry, so I had fried eggs instead. I think I need to give this another go though, because I really do prefer poached eggs...
May 5
On Saturday PK and I were on the way to the shops when a detour took us into a part of a nearby suburb that we wouldn't normally have gone through. And we saw this sign for a block of land (well, two really) for sale and became intrigued. The view was pretty awesome and although narrow, we thought we could do something pretty cool with the land... we decided to look into it! (More on this later!)
May 6
On Sunday we had my parents and my brother over for dinner. And I thought it was probably about time that I cut up the watermelon that PK had won, possibly as dessert. I easily sliced through the end, cutting off the first couple of slices when I suddenly felt a give of pressure and heard loud bang sound like a balloon being popped. I immediately froze and called PK into the kitchen to come and see- the melon had exploded! I guess it had been getting super ripe sitting on the table and when I broke the skin for the first slices it broke the equilibrium or something!? I kept cutting after PK had assured me that it looked fine, but it kept bursting open unexpectedly! By the end I was more just waiting for it to crack and working from there.

I'm definitely glad that I cut it up that night and hadn't left it a little longer or out blue walls may have been turned pink! The fam enjoyed the fruit though, so no loss :)

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