Monday, May 21, 2012

The Week That Was: May 14 - May 20

Ok, so here is the last of the whole-week catchups (I hope!!). I really did have the intention to get back on the blogging horse last week, but it just didn't happen! After a weekend of not doing a lot of anything, I think I may finally be back in the swing of things... We'll see though!
Monday saw me heading onto a plane again, though this time I was flying with QANTAS. It's been a while! It was quite a novelty to have food offered to me on board that I didn't have to pay for (unlike Virgin)!
Tuesday was spent indoors for the whole day, though I was very very happy with my recent purchase of some flat (ish) boots! As it frequently is, Melbourne was quite wet and cold, so I was pleased that I had my boots and a warm jacket to wear. It made my short time there so much more enjoyable!
Wednesday morning saw me on the plane home again (Virgin again though). It was a very early flight and I left too early to grab breakfast in the hotel (sad face), so I bought some food and a coffee in the terminal. Unfortunately it took too long for the coffee to be ready, so I only got a few sips before I had to throw it away (you're not permitted to take hot drinks on board)! Epic sad face! Still loving flying though!
 By Thursday afternoon I was feeling drained! I'd spent too many hours inside -either in a plane, a training room or in a lab- so I took myself into Muriel's courtyard for a little r 'n' r. Communing with nature sort of stuff :) I discovered that the Jessamine plant had not only survived the horror summer, but was thriving! It has a few heads of buds ready to open and I can't wait until they do!
Golden deliciousness! Friday night brought the end of a tiring week for PK and I, so I asked him to pick up fish and chips on his way home. We each had a pineapple fritter as well, yum!
A friend's birthday celebration got PK and myself out of our usual haunts and to somewhere new on Saturday night. I have no idea if this place has only recently opened or if it was just new to us, but it was pretty cool! They had little school desks and chairs for furniture, a big chalkboard and old school bags decorating the walls. The cocktails and food were pretty awesome too!
Ahhhhh nothing like a tropical holiday huh? Well, at least that's what I pretended to be enjoying on Sunday! We've had some rather warm weather lately and Sunday was no different. The sun was shining and warm- not your typical autumn afternoon, but it was a great way to end a full weekend!

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