Monday, May 21, 2012

The Week That Was: May 7 - May 13

This was another busy busy busy week for me work-wise, but I think it heralded a new stage in my new-ness at work. At the beginning of the week I had a couple of days where I really felt like I was kicking butt! The second half of the week was a little different, but I still think I am finally making progress :)
May 7
After seeing the block for sale on Saturday, PK and I (mainly PK to be fair) jumped right in and set up a meeting with the real estate agent. The agent gave us some more information that helped PK become more excited about this possible new project. I was more reserved because a) we haven't doing everything that I want to get done with Muriel, b) I didn't want to get too excited before we'd spoken to the bank about finances and c) who needs a new project with a wedding to plan?? But I just couldn't put a dampener on PK's enthusiasm!
May 8
When PK and I had most of my family for dinner on Sunday night, they brought over a couple of presents that were intended for my birthday. One was a ticket to Mary Poppins, which I am too excited to be going to (love musicals!), and the other was this coffee pod display. PK and I love it- though it does show us that we should buy some more. MMmmm coffeeeee!
May 9
I had some delightful mail arrive on Wednesday- I've been upgraded to Silver membership with Virgin! They sent me a new card and a tag for my luggage that was all shiny and silver :) Considering that I only signed up for Velocity late last year I think that really shows just how much I have been flying around for my new job. Silver means that I get priority check in and boarding, with two free admissions to the Virgin lounge per year. Not too shabby methinks!
May 10
Thursday was my dad's birthday. We had planned to go out to dinner to celebrate, but dad decided to break a rib instead so we had dinner at my mum and dad's place instead. They cracked open the bubbly that we gave them for Christmas so it wasn't a total loss but still! Silly daddy!!
May 11
Friday ended up being quite chilly and miserable so PK and I took the opportunity to chill out together on the couch. So did Oreo :) It sure is great to be able to sit back and enjoy the result of all that hard work, even a year later!
May 12
During the week I had confirmation that I would be heading off to Melbourne on Monday, returning on Wednesday. While the sudden travel didn't really bother me, I didn't have an appropriate piece of luggage to take with me! I have a small suitcase that I usually take for week long jaunts as well as my laptop backpack, but the suitcase was definitely too large for just two nights! So on Saturday PK and I visited the shops and picked up this little carry-on case on sale. Bargain! I was actually surprised just how much I could fit in there!
May 13
By Sunday I was feeling a little restless. I'm not sure what it was but PK and I had accomplished a lot of to-dos on Saturday and I wasn't about to stop our momentum! So I tentatively suggested we re-start the painting that we abandoned... oh, about a year ago! PK was keen enough, so out came the prep gear (the mini sander) and the safety gear (although, thongs really don't count as safety gear do they?) and we got to work on the trim, skirting and doors! If we can get the motivation like this again I might have some 'afters' to show sometime soon!

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