Tuesday, June 5, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jun 1, 2, 3 & 4

We've got a lovely collection of beer bottles on the floor at Muriel at the moment! Unfortunately the beer fridge stopped working- cause yet to be determined. We didn't realise until we went to grab a brewski, only to find that there was only warm beer :( The fridge is being sent away to find out what broke so we can get it fixed, but in the mean time we have a lot of beer and nowhere to store it!
On Saturday we caught up with a few friends at one of our local Indian restaurants -we have three or four in the immediate vicinity! The boys ordered a "Smoker's Cough" which ended up being quite a pretty show! Shame it wasn't as tasty as it looked (potent though!).
Sunday night had me at the theatre (ooh la la!), attending Mary Poppins with my sister and our parents. It was a joint birthday (me and my dad) and mother's day present and we had a pretty great time. I might be biased though, because I love musicals and Mary Poppins has always been a special favourite of mine!
WA had a public holiday for Monday (hooray for long weekends!) so PK and I got to work finishing up the painting of the trim. Now once it's dry we can finally get all of these door handles back on! Three weeks without door handles has driven me a little bonkers!

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