Monday, June 18, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jun 15, 16 & 17

Jun 15
I tried to entice PK home early on Friday night with this shot of some delicious ice cream... I had no luck (he stayed out until around 2 actually). But I did eat some ice cream! :D
My mother has been at me for a while now to sort out the last of the few things I left at the family home when I moved out and I finally got to it on Saturday. One of those items was this giant Shrek toy that PK gave me a long time ago when we first started dating. He was working for Toys R Us at the time and Shrek was a pretty big thing... now the toy makes a pretty good stand in for PK when he's not home :P
Jun 17
Yep, another Sunday spent on a plane. Here I am back at baggage carousel #1, Sydney Domestic Airport... Here's to a great week ahead in Sydney!

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Anonymous said...

Have a lovely week, we miss you in Perth - lots of rain and no one to ask to help me.

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