Monday, June 11, 2012

365 Days a Year: Jun 8, 9 & 10

Jun 8
I was happy to see the end of this day! It had been a long week and promised to be a stormy weekend so at the end of another gloomy day I was happy to be heading home!
Jun 9
PK has been talking about getting a new rubbish bin for the kitchen for a while and on Saturday we finally did it- the motivator was our complete lack of liners for the current one! Of course being the big strong man that he is, he volunteered to shoulder the box all the way back to the car, my hero! :P
Jun 10
PK and I attended a baptism on Sunday for the daughter of one of PK's colleagues. It was actually quite noisy inside the church, as there were five baptisms that day, with many families and small children there to watch, but as soon as we stepped outside we realised that it was much noisier outside. It was blowing a gale! The church was at the top of a hill in south Perth, which gave us this awesome view of the storm hovering over the city. We had to make it a quick look though, before we were blown away!

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