Monday, September 10, 2012

The MONTH That Was: July

So there it all is! In no particular order, because that's how my scrambled brain remembers things ;)

During July, there was a lot of Oreo doing things- sneaking porridge from my bowl, watching for visitors, climbing into and out of boxes, chilling out- and of course a lovely visit to the vet! He's all good now but he did give us a scare towards the end of the month.

PK and I also did some chilling out of our own, while also preparing for PK's big Air Race by holding some sausage sizzles to fundraise- this involved chopping lots and lots and LOTS of onions. Our entire house smelled like onions for about a week! That was, until we started pulling up carpet and painting...

As you can see there was also quite a bit of yummy food- a successful experiment with Asian-influenced chicken noodle soup, a fun breakfast treat, planting some mint (ready for mojitos!) and a little bit of take-away food too. We also celebrated our anniversary with a delightful dinner out, something we don't do nearly enough!

July also brought a lot of activity, whether we were inside the house (starting those final touches ready for the house sale), outside the house in the sunshine or out with friends. I started playing netball again, something that I had been wanting to do for some time but couldn't because of shift work- so you can bet that I was happy about that! Even if I was a little disappointed that I now have to trim my nails back every week!

I think that more or less covers it all, July was quite busy though, as was August (soon to be posted) and September is shaping up to be another hectic month too! If you have any questions about a particular pic, let me know and I'll describe it more in the comments :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No, Seriously?

It's September?? How the heck did that happen? Last I looked we were cruising along nicely through June and all of a sudden it's frickin SEPTEMBER?!?! That sh*t Kray!

Umm no excuses for that, sorry guys! I've been lazily working on figuring out a way to post all of July's 365 Days a Year pics in one post, so as not to draw it out too much- I guess I need to now add August's pics to that project now too, hmm?

You may ask what's been happening with the sale of the house... you know, after the big reveal and all, right? Well, mainly PK and I have waited. And see-d. And put up with the torture of a few jam-packed weekends of home opens. And private viewings during the week too! Our real estate agent has really worked hard to make sure both sales were going to happen- remember, our offer on the new house was subject to the sale of Muriel!

We did have a couple of bites, but no real takers... for the first 11 days anyway!! Yep, that's right, we were officially on the market for only 11 days before some beautiful, kind, happy people made an offer that PK and I could comfortably accept! And accept we did :)

So that of course meant that PK could safely go off on his around the country outback adventure, no worries right? Well, not exactly- we still had to wait. And wait. And. wait. For the word that the buyer's finance approval had come through... and without that finance approval, the offer would have to be retracted, the house would have to go back on the market and our offer 'subject to sale' on the new place could plausibly fall through. Oh and there is still my day job to reckon with. And a wedding to plan that seems to be getting closer too quickly! So, no pressure or anything!

But, never fear PK said, I'll be home before you know it! And off he went...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Very Important News! (Part 2)

So there we were, going about our usual business but all the while waiting and wondering if the offer -subject to finance and subject to the sale of Muriel- would be accepted...

Meanwhile, we whipped into higher gear with all of those little things that needed to get done around the place. You know, like finally getting around to completing painting the hallway walls, skirts and trim, last seen here after we had the tiles laid (oh, about 2 years ago!):
So much better don't you think? The trim makes it all look so much more crisp, clean and new. Oh and we also replaced all of the remaining handles with matching polished nickel looking ones, (like this) hurrah! I was very happy when we had ticked this one off the list!

We also had the carpets replaced. And when I say 'had the carpets replaced' I mean PK and I removed all of the furniture in the carpeted rooms, ripped up the old carpets and the crumbling underlay (icky!) and took them to the dump! I definitely know why I was having so much more breathing issues lately! We chose a similar colour for the replacement, but luxury underlay so that it was very cushiony underfoot. Mmmm luxury! We took the opportunity to paint the walls and trim in the carpeted rooms while they were bare. Oh and this all happened in the space of a week...
Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2/ Study

Bedroom 3
Which left us both exhausted but wondering why we didn't do it all earlier! Then, just because we are masochists -or just really wanted it all done already- PK and I also bit the bullet and hired a gardening company to come in and fix up the gardens. We were so pleased we spent that little bit of money, because what they accomplished in just two days would have taken us weeks and probably still wouldn't have been as good!

In fact, it was almost uncanny what plants the landscaper chose- almost as if he'd read my list, because not only did he pick up natives to fill out the garden once all of the dead/dying plants were taken away. No, he also managed to pick blueish coloured flowering bushes, which are so pretty and little grevillea bushes- did I not hypothesise that exact type? Scary! But seriously, they did such a great job, we were blown away!

And once the gardens had been completed, the sun decided to come out for an hour -just as the photographer arrived to take the marketing pictures for THE SALE OF MURIEL (some of which I have used here, ta Paul!). Up until more or less the weekend before the garden was tackled, we still didn't know if our offer had been accepted, but we decided to go ahead with all of the final touches anyway (because I had been nagging about them for a while!). And then we heard that it had been accepted, which made all that extra effort, the late nights and the sleeping in the great room and the general disruption, all worth it.

So, photos were taken in the only patch of sunshine all day (a sign for sure!) and Muriel was up for offer by the Wednesday, with Home Opens scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday! That was all just under two weeks ago now... wanna hear what's happened since? I might just have to stretch this out a little!

Some Very Important News!!

Hiya! Yep, I am still here but I've been getting smashed at work this last month. It's pretty tough being the only person in a two-person role! Aside from that, in the last few weeks PK and I have busted our guts...


Yes, I know, it seems like we only just finished renovating the kitchen and we're selling already? Don't worry, we've heard it from family and friends already! But a few weekends ago, while I decided to begin tackling the massive task that was getting the front garden into shape, PK decided that he wanted to go and check out a few home opens. He still hadn't forgotten about that block -it had kept niggling at him as somewhat of a missed opportunity I think. He was ready to tackle another project now and thought the timing was right (even if I wasn't so gun-ho!).

So we left the garden alone for a few hours and checked out a few places. Nothing really jumped out at us, until we attended a private viewing of a newly built townhouse with a view to the west. Of the ocean that is! From the second floor! With a private laneway and secure access! PK was pretty much 'sold' straight away- I have been a little more cautious though!

"Let's speak to the bank" I said. Our bank consultant said it was do-able (as long as we were willing to sell Muriel, of course!)
"Let's get a second opinion" I suggested. PK's parents took a look around the house and gave it the thumbs up (as long as we wanted it and could afford it, that is!)
"Let's talk about what we need to complete on Muriel first" I cautioned. We sat down and wrote out a logical list of the things that needed to be completed before we could consider putting Muriel on the market. It looked a bit like this list and some of this one too that I recently (*ahem months ago*) posted here on the blog.

It was do-able. It was achievable. And it was still in the area that we have grown to love (and try not to take for granted!)... So we put in an offer... and waited. And waited some more! And then we heard...

Check back later for the stunning conclusion!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Week That Was: 25 Jun - 1 Jul

So I managed to get behind again on this 365 project of mine... by quite a bit!! Definitely need to try and keep a better handle on this! Here's the last week of June...
Jun 25
It's hard to resist capturing Oreo when he's stretched out in front of the heater, even less so when he's also bathing in the sunlight! Such a warmth hog!
Jun 26
I'm definitely not a barista, but that doesn't stop me from attempting a little coffee art every now and then! Happy Tuesday!
Jun 27
Still feeling a little under the weather, I decided to give the home-grown mandarins that my mum had dropped off a go. I usually can't be bothered with mandys as they are soooo annoying to eat! All that pith and then a seed in every segment... Anyway I persevered, but didn't find the experience changed my mind on the fruit!
Jun 28
Hmmm thinking about a new phone- PK has the Samsung SII so I was giving it some thought now that Instagram is available for Android. Might need some more thought though!
Jun 29
 A little arty shot, late at night, at the kerbside. As you do!
Jun 30
PK made me breakfast on Saturday, perhaps as advance brownie points for what was to come- a weekend in the sticks, watching him fly around...
Jul 1
Or more accurately, glide around! We spent the weekend in Beverley (about two hours out of Perth) so that PK could try out a new hobby and get some air time. Not being such a fan of small, enclosed, unventilated spaces (I get airsick in such tiny aircraft), I spent the day in the comfort of the car, reading a magazine or two in the sun. Win win! :)


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