Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened

... on my way to pick up milk on the way home from work the other night. I decided it would be smart to fill up on petrol as I was getting a little low. Also I was going to be on call again soon and there's nothing worse than running low on petrol when you are driving around in the middle of the night!
From Discovery Education
So I pulled in at the petrol station on my way home, thinking I would fill up and then pick up some milk (because PK has been using it all on his porridge lately so we had run out midweek). I thought I was being clever, well prepared, applying a little foresight...

I had left my wallet at home.

I didn't realise this until I had filled up the tank and went to grab my wallet from my bag. I had been to the gym that morning and left it -and my phone as well- in my gym bag. At home. Which was not helpful because that was not where I was! Grrrrr! I had to fill out a form with all of my details- address, phone numbers, license number (which I actually got wrong anyway) and sign it to confirm I would return to pay for the petrol. Oh the embarrassment!! And to make matters worse, the girl behind the counter was entering my details into the computer and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh!". Suddenly I was more stressed out than I already had been, "You live on the same street as me!" she said. Oh the shame. "Well howdy neighbour, how embarrassing to be meeting like this!". I wanted the ground to open up beneath me!

I quickly drove home, picked up my wallet and drove back again to pay. I didn't end up getting the milk in the end- I was too embarrassed to venture out again that night!
From Thoughts of a KleeWyk
Have you experienced something similar recently? Please, comfort me and my blushing cheeks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News

I have some news. It's more or less the reason I've been a little... quiet... lately. But I'm not ready to spill it just yet! Family know, but the rest of the world wide web- not just yet!

It's definitely good news though and should... no, will definitely mean good things for my blogging frequency!

Just sit tight dear readers! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bloggy Honesty

Soooo... it's been more than a week. I wish I could say that I've been super busy getting many things done here at Muriel but alas, that has not been the case!
Yep, just been slothing around
(Image by Brazilian Fauna)
Let's rewind to last week, shall we? Here's the list that I proposed for our long weekend (that is, the weekend before last!):
  • Clean the kitchen It was so clean it sparkled! I've tried to keep it that clean since.
  • Clean the bathroom Done!
  • Vacuum/ mop the floors PK did this one all on his own :)
  • Tidy the other rooms as required Didn't really make a dent in the other rooms unfortunately!
  • Laundry We did two loads!
  • Dishes We ran the dishwasher twice and hand-washed a batch (of pots) too!
  • Finish painting the skirting boards in the great room Finally done!
  • Final coat of gloss on the garage entry door/ paint external face as well -We only managed one coat on the other side, hopefully we'll get that finished someday...
  • Paint walls and trim in the hallway -I only started this one today!
  • Purchase mosaics for above the kitchen sink We changed our minds about which ones we wanted, which means waiting until they are in stock. Doh!
  • Use those mosaics to tile the strip above the kitchen sink Er... nope.
  • Paint the front door (inside and out) The inside is started! The outside? Not yet.
  • Finally plant winter vegetables in the patch Didn't go anywhere near the vegie patch. Still haven't!
  • Take a stroll along the beach I don't think we did this, but I did suggest it!
  • Hang some frames in the great room PK put some up, but there are many more to go up before I show you! I'm thinking a gallery wall is in the making...
  • Make some curtains for the sliding door I still have the sewing machine from Mum's house, but no sewing happened
  • Visit some second hand stores/ antique shops Didn't happen!
  • Catch up with friends and family Yay! We saw both of our families and even had some friends over for dinner!! Hurrah for being social!
  • Take a road trip (to Lancelin maybe?) We did the opposite- we stayed in one night instead :)
So basically, we got all of the boring stuff out of the way and then spent the rest of the long weekend slothing! But really, isn't that what weekends should really be all about?

And since the long weekend? Well, let's just say the slothing continued after the holiday ended. ;)

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Quick Helloo

    Howdy, how are you today? I'm just popping in really quickly (it is technically still the weekend after all!) to share an update on the avocado stone that I'm hoping one day will be a little tree.
    As you last saw it
    I've been checking every week and watching as a faint line turned into a crack in the skin. Then, I was pretty intrigued on Friday to see that the stone had split down the middle, just like the instructions I've been following said that it would! And I was planning to show you what progress the little tree-to-be had made, but instead I only have this:
    Two halves of a whole
    It only happened this morning and I am pretty disappointed! It seemed to happen in slow motion: the Terror on Four Legs (that is, Oreo), jumped up on the kitchen bench (where he is not allowed), in hot pursuit of a dragonfly. In his haste to catch the dragonfly, he knocked the cup that was holding the avocado pit -which was precariously holding together as it was. That then caused the pit to fall in apart in two separate pieces. Wop-wop! One of the specific instructions on how to make the stone turn into a tree is "Take care not to disturb or injure the tap root." Doh!
    One half, with a little bit of growth
    After having a good squiz at what had been growing, I tried to see if the stone could be salvaged to continue to do it's thing on the bench. But now that they were separated, the two parts just kept sinking without the support of the other part of the pit and the connection of the growing seed.
    The other half, with perhaps the start of a tap root?
    So, with a sad face I gave it a little burial in the garden where I would have planted the little tree- had it grown. Who knows, it may still grow without my constant supervision! I'm not holding my breath though. It has been a fun experiment nonetheless and it cost me nothing but a little time. I think PK may have even captured the dragonfly chase on video, so I may be able to show you the collapse in action!

    Have you attempted to grow something like this before? Are there any green thumbs out there with some pearls of wisdom?

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Long Weekend List myspace graphic comments
    Free Twitter Backgrounds

    The long weekend (here in WA) starts as soon as work finishes for the day -and I plan to use every minute to the fullest! You already know that I hope to paint the front door in a less mediocre colour than the current cream, but here is the full list:

    Boring Chores
    • Clean the kitchen
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Vaccuum/ mop the floors
    • Tidy the other rooms as required
    • Laundry
    • Dishes
    These are the standard things that I'm sure everyone needs to do. Not exciting what-so-ever, but they will still take up some time this weekend. We cooked sausages for dinner this week and they splattered grease ALL OVER the beautiful kitchen so that definitely needs to be cleaned up tout de suite! This is also where the still well loved dishwasher comes into its own and gets things done quietly in the background while we get on with other tasks!

    Less Boring Tasks
    • Finish painting the skirting boards in the great room
    • Final coat of gloss on the garage entry door/ paint external face as well
    • Paint walls and trim in the hallway
    • Purchase mosaics for above the kitchen sink
    • Use those mosaics to tile the strip above the kitchen sink
    • Paint the front door (inside and out)
    • Finally plant winter vegetables in the patch
    That doesn't seem like too long a list does it? Definitely do-able right? We will try to cross off a few things, but the painting and tiling are priority tasks that we both want to complete sooner rather than later. We kind of ran out of steam with the renos after such a full on few months and have left the last little bits waiting to be done. And every time I use our amazing sink I look at the bare patch of wall above it and it annoys me. So I really want that done! Then, if we get all of that done, there is always the fun stuff!

    Even Less Boring Things To Do
    • Take a stroll along the beach
    • Hang some frames in the great room
    • Make some curtains for the sliding door
    • Visit some second hand stores/ antique shops
    • Catch up with friends and family
    • Take a road trip (to Lancelin maybe?)
    My mum will be especially happy if she gets to see me- hi Mum! I don't think you need to guess which list is more likely to be completed first ;)

    Do you have any plans for your weekend? Do you like to have tasks mapped out like I have or do you prefer to just take things as they come ("winging it" as PK likes to say)?

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Entry Plans

    There is a long weekend in WA this weekend (hooray for Foundation Day!) and I have a list of things that I plan to attempt to get done- but I am not kidding myself in thinking that they will all be completed. After all, a long weekend is a chance to just relax as well right? I'll run through the list in its entirety in a separate post, just to stretch things out a little ;) But also because I want to brainstorm one particular item a little more thoroughly. Many of the tasks on the list involve paint and I want to convince PK that another place that requires a little paint TLC is the front door. We recently changed the door handle from a brassy, loose fitting fixture to a more modern silver, but the door colour...
    PK is in disagreement about this one- boo! The current cream colour matches the external colour scheme that Muriel was sporting when we bought it and he doesn't think we need to change that. I think we will have to take a pressure washer to that come spring (there is a lot of peeling going on out there!) and repaint anyway but for now, I'm sure we can at least paint the front door! As we are also changing over all of the internal doors, trim and skirting boards from cream/off white dinginess to crisp white, I think that the door being cream on one side and white on the other might look a little weird. So that's my reasoning. Also, I want it to look prettier- but lets keep that to ourselves shall we? ;)
    So many options! By Modern Home
    The colour and style of your front door is really personal preference, but I feel that it should have some reflection of what the internal decor is like. So I really want ours to mix well after all the effort we've put into the big reno. We are definitely not in the market to replace it entirely right now- and I'm not sure of what style we would replace it with if we were! I'm partial to an inlaid glass feature but the front door to Muriel faces west and gets blasted by afternoon sun which can get quite 'glare-y' so that wouldn't be an option here. Maybe in the next house?
    By Shuffle Style
    That is quite a grand entrance! Muriel's is no where near as wide (and again there's the glass yum!) but I love the dramatic colour. Not sure how well this would go with the red brick outside though. I would definitely make sure we use a glossy finish as I have the inkling that there is some sort of requirement for reflectiveness on a front door? Also it cleans easier :)
    By Creative Concepts
    That's a fun pop of colour... I'm not sure it would go down too well with PK though. I'm not sold myself- especially since the main colour scheme we have going on right now is blue and grey tones. Also, the site I pulled that image from was using it as an example of what not to paint your front door when it comes to time to sell up. Hmmm...
    By Home Curb Appeal
    This is a little more like it! The brick of this picture is similar to the red brick of Muriel so that's a good starting point. Plus, it would definitely lend itself to the blues inside and the existing cream gutters and fencing outside. According to the site this pic features on, blue represents water and abundance and has a calming effect on those who enter. Actually there are a lot of good things said about this colour there (follow this link for more)! Muriel doesn't have any grand trim like the white painted edging above, but I think maybe this is the winner! Now just to convince PK...

    What colour is your front door? Does a particular colour push your buttons or turn you right off walking inside open houses? I'd love to know!

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    WOW: Euro Trip

    I have been on quite a few great holidays in my life (and hopefully many more to come!), some with PK, some without. One that always provokes a lot of questions (from other people) and excitement (from myself!) is my big Euro trip. This was the first time that I had ever flown alone and it was a pretty big undertaking! Many young people go to Europe for a holiday, but many go with a partner or a friend or have people that they are going to catch up with when they get there. I didn't. I got on the plane and travelled around Europe on my own without any safety net except the friends I made along the way- some of whom I still keep in contact with today! I still can't believe I got up the courage to go!

    Many of the magnets on my fridge are from the countries that I explored in that trip (in no particular order):
    San Marino
    So many memories are tied to those magnets- too many to detail today, but each are special in their own way. And each time I see them, I am reminded of each country and the adventures I had there.

    Have you been on a holiday like mine that changed your life? Perhaps you've been to Europe and would like to share your experience?


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