Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Its Been A While!

Hey there guys and gals! Its been a while since I've popped in and I promise I've been trying to catch up but I just don't know where all my time goes! There have been a few things going on recently that I'd love to share with you:
We finally made a start on the last part of the kitchen reno- the mosaic backsplash!
I managed to get my hands in the dirt and re-plant the vegie patch!
I received a beautiful bunch of flowers as part of a farewell gift and I'm trying to keep them going as long as possible, as the Petersiks often do.
PK and I took a short trip down to Albany to do some whale watching and check out the local sights!

So that's a few things that we've been filling our time with lately. PK and I are really enjoying having time to spend together! I'll post again in more detail later but right now I'm off- its day three of my new job!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW: Breaking News!

So, you'll remember I told you I was sitting on some big news recently?

Well, I think it's time to share that news! Now, don't get too excited because although this news is HUGE to me, I'm not sure exactly how big it will be for you all... But hey, it's my blog right!? ;)

So the news... I've got myself a NEW JOB! I haven't really said a lot about my occupation here on the blog -because basically I wanted it to be all about Muriel and not so much about me- but this new job will mean a change for PK and myself and therefore Muriel as well! My new title will be "Field Application Specialist". Sounds fancy huh!?

Previously I was working in a pathology laboratory as a Medical Scientist. Put simply, I was one of the people that ran the machines to analyze blood samples, as well crossmatching blood for transfusion. It is a stressful job, especially where I was working due to the shift work involved. Also, although scientists are an essential part of the healthcare system, they are widely under-appreciated!! I had been working in the same job for over five years and although I still enjoyed the work, the shifts were definitely getting to me! As sad as I was to leave my workplace, I am so very excited about my new position! I'll leaving shift work behind and joining the 9-5 "normal" workers out there, so I have a whole new routine to get used to, as well as all of the things that come with a new job.

Hopefully, what this means for the blog is a little more regularity! No more writing posts in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night! But I'm not really sure what my routine will be like just yet- I find out next week! Until then, wish me luck! I haven't been the new person for a very long time!!

PS Please excuse the lack of pics or links or anything interesting at all- the lappy has kicked the bucket (or at least the battery for it has) so I'm writing this on the iPad- and Apple and Blogger don't seem to like each other! Hopefully I have it fixed soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Musical Drawers

I've shown you a couple of the drawers in use so far- here and here -but I did say that they may not necessarily stay that way didn't I? Recently I decided that a few of the drawers just weren't working. So I re-arranged them! A few miscellaneous items found their way into the study- I don't think I'll show you that drawer just yet! It's a little... er... messy ;)
We were keeping the cling wrap, aluminium foil and baking paper in the narrow drawer under the main pantry. It was an ideal location for it, central to everything, close to the fridge and the microwave- we even designed the drawer with that use in mind. But after having them there for over a month, it was proving to be the wrong place. The cling wrap kept being left on the bench as we were finding it annoying to keep crossing the kitchen to get it. So, the solution? Move it to where we kept leaving it! Ta da!
So much easier to find now!
I did have the knives in the drawer to the left of the oven, thinking it would be convenient to have them displayed that way (so I could see what size I wanted straight away). Several friends suggested it was a little creepy, reminiscent of "Psycho" or something...
Does my knife placement scare you?
Also I found it wasn't so convenient after all. So out came the knife block that I had put away and after a good clean I put it to use again. The knives now sit on the bench in easy reach and this drawer is being used for the BBQ gear from the big drawer. Simple!
Have you tried any simple, free adjustments lately? Its really surprising how a little switcheroo can make your day that much easier!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Heart USA

From Back to Basics
Hello dear readers!

I just wanted to quickly pop in and wish all of our American friends (and perhaps there are even some American From Muriel readers too?) a wonderful American Independence Day!

PK and I travelled to the US a couple of years ago and LOVED it! We did a group tour that took us from New York across the northern states (including a short foray into Canada) all the way to LA. And yes, I did pick up a few magnets from that trip ;) I hope we can return sometime soon, but we'll have to build up the funds again post kitchen reno. Travelling is so much fun but unfortunately living in Perth too often means expensive airfares!

Today also happens to mark seven years of togetherness for me and PK, so it's always a happy day for us :) I've been told that I had to keep tonight free from 7pm, so PK must have something nice planned! I love surprises though, so I've tried not to pry or guess too much.

Why not try and incorporate something with a little American flavour into the rest of your day? It could be something as easy as "Mac & Cheese" for an afternoon snack or a coffee to go from Starbucks (if you have one where you are, they haven't invaded Perth yet!). I think I'll entertain myself by drooling over things I can't afford on the website of the widely adored Anthropologie and catching up on my blog reading, how about you?


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