Monday, November 28, 2011


Howdy Folks!

I er... have been absent quite a while haven't I?!! I have been thinking that I needed to get back onto the blog-writing horse for a while, but I guess it has taken me a little longer than I thought! *sheepish face!*

I can assure you that not much has changed around here in the interim few months. Well, I guess a little might be different, let me remember where I left off...

In Budget Blooms I showed you how I was trying to make my farewell flowers last as long as possible. Well, I'm sure you can imagine- they did eventually all perish. After all, the only kind of flowers that could possibly last this long would be fake! But it was great having flowers around while I did!

If At First You Don't Succeed told our sorry tale about the attempt PK and I made at wall tiling. I am happy to say that the tiles eventually made their way onto the wall as planned, but it did take us a little while! And er... we didn't actually do it ourselves. But I think that deserves a post of its own, don't you think? At least one with some photos of the finished product ;)

My most recent Monday Meditation was "I will celebrate my successes. I deserve it." And indeed, starting my new job was a huge success that deserved celebrating! I think I have been celebrating ever since to be honest- which might explain to some extent why I been absent from the blogosphere for some time! I think I've settled in now and I'm slowly starting to get into a rhythm with all of my new tasks. Bit by bit I'm feeling less like the new kid!

It looks like that's all I managed for August- how embarrassing! I guess there is a little catching up I need to do- and I do have some MASSIVE news to spill that is completely not house-related! I think I may do a little tidy up around here first, get you some new images to look at and think about how I want to tell you. Until then though, rest assured that I plan to be back here again! I may be inconsistent, but I'm not yet done with this little blog o' mine!


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