Monday, April 30, 2012

365 Days: Apr 27, 28 & 29

Apr 27
PK and I went for a little camping trip with some of my work colleagues over the weekend. We drove up after work on Friday afternoon, which meant that I had to have everything packed before work! It wasn't a long drive but I was definitely happy to have assembled this lot before-hand... and that PK did the driving!
Apr 28
We had some funny little visitors at our chalet on the first morning at the campsite. When I first looked out the door, there was just one duck sitting in the middle of the lawn. The next time that I looked, there were two! And when they saw me at the door they waddled up to me! I guess they were hoping I had some bread?
Apr 29
Oreo has the best ideas! Asleep in the middle of the day- oh to be a kitty! After a couple of days at Moore River, we were poopped! Walking to the top of the hill and kayaking on the river really took it out of us -not to mention the faux campfires (because there's a total fire ban) and the Glühwein!

Friday, April 27, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 26

After working the public holiday the day before, I decided that I deserved a little treat. In the form of tiramisu of course! Nom nom nom :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 25

No filters necessary for this one, Mother Nature turned up the dial on the beauty scale for ANZAC Day this year! It was a real privelidge to be awake at dawn this year and see the fly over. It wasn't really intentional though, unfortunately as I was getting ready for a long day at work! But it did remind me to take a little time to remember those that have fought (like my mum's dad) and continue to fight for the freedom of Australians and Kiwis.

Lest we forget!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 24

Lookee lookee! I got a package! I must admit, I did buy it myself, so I know what's inside, but still! I love getting mail :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 23

I'm still feeling exhausted after the packed weekend and the full on week last week! I pushed through the sleepiness to work a reeeeaaallly long day, so it was a delight to come home and see this beauty sitting on the table! PK had won it the day before in the raffle but I had been too sleepy to notice! Hmmm... now what to do with this much watermelon?

Monday, April 23, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 20, 21 & 22

Apr 20
So there is sunshine in Sydney! Finally! Pity it only really came out for my last day in town huh?! :) Oh well, at least it made my last walk down the hill pleasant! I was glad that the forecast 'flooding rains' appeared to have cleared enough to let me fly home because I had a big weekend planned...
Apr 21
Pinata time! It was my birthday weekend, so I definitely had to be home for that! I managed to squeeze in quite a bit on Saturday, with a visit to the gym (very necessary after all that hotel food!), to see my mumsie and I also did a whole lot of prep for a PARTY! I asked for a Mexican theme, so we had a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey (loosely linked I'll admit!), guacamole, salsa, nachos, quesadillas and even caramel flan (aka creme caramel)! And of course, no mexican theme night is complete without tequila! I had a greeeeeaaat time- I hope my guests did too!

Apr 22
Sunday was my actual birthday, so you might think I would have taken some time out... But nope! PK and I spent the majority of the day raising money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). PK is participating in an event called the Outback Air Race this year, which is a flying contest that provides much needed funds for this important service. This was a day of lawn bowls, organised by the OAR committee to contribute towards the overall funds raised. It was a fun day with great weather (a welcome change after the rain in Sydney!), though I must admit by mid afternoon I was definitely starting to feel all of those late nights from the last week!

Friday, April 20, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 19

After working away all day for the rest of the week, the customers and I decided to take the train into Sydney town! We had a great night walking around the shopping areas- we were lucky that the rain held off for the whole evening. We finished the night with some gelato and a walk along the harbour... it was such a great night!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 18

Dark and gloomy, wet and wintery. Sydney sure did put on its best weather for me today! But I still walked down the hill- I just did it the whole time dreaming of some lovely warm boots!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 17

I really enjoy my walks down the road when I am in Sydney attending training! I think it's because I'm stuck inside for the whole day and in the hotel all night so I cherish the little space of time in between. Even though it was very wet, I still schlepped it down the road and took in all of the surrounds- including these wet autumn leaves blown from the trees :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 16

A foot model I am not! But when the weather outside is gloomy and you have about 10 minutes to kill in a hotel room, why not paint your toenails? It sure kept me entertained :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 13, 14 & 15

Apr 13
Black Friday! Meh, PK and I laugh in the face of Black Friday! Mwah hahahahaha ;) Nah, we just had a quiet candle-lit dinner for two!
Apr 14
I'm really enjoying the eucalypts in flower at the moment! At a time when a lot of other plants are finishing their blooming, these bright pink flowers really stand out. The bees love them too!
Apr 15
Yep, on a plane again on Sunday! I have a bit of a gripe about the baggage collection area: I'm one of those 'pick a spot with a good view and stay there until you see your luggage' kind of people. So I get really annoyed when my carefully selected view gets blocked by all these other impatient people moving around randomly. And the pushers that arrive later but think that you must have left the gap just so that they can stand closer to the carousel. Grrrr If only everyone used the same, sane system!

Flying... On a Jet Plane!

So, I'm behind on posts again. Doh! And to add to that, I'll be posting from afar this week. Sydney to be exact- all you Sydneysiders watch out!

So er... I hope you won't get too bored while I catch up! :) Why not entertain yourselves with some previous posts? Or head on over to one of the many blogs on my blogroll and find yourself a new favourite read? I'll be here again on schedule soon :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 12

PK and I were all set to meet at this quiet little shopfront on Thursday afternoon and discuss wedding decorations. Unfortunately though, they had been burgled that morning and had to cancel our appointment! I didn't even know until I was already there, which was a little annoying because I had rushed to get there and PK had planned his day around this booking. It wasn't their fault though, they didn't ask to be burgled that's for sure! Anyway, I made the most of the situation by having a look through the window at the displays visible. I was a little worried that someone would think I was 'casing the joint' though!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 11

Oreo and I were checking for mail on Wednesday afternoon and we had a little moment to check out what was happening in the street. He was distracted by a group of birds across the road- as was I! The little old lady across the way appeared to be feeding the magpies and a couple of crows and they were hopping up her path towards her. They were making quite a racket! You never know what you'll see happening right in front of you if you take the time to look :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 10

Back to reality again today! I started off the day by checking in on my little strawberry field to see if it needed watering and found that I have some growth!! What? You can't see it? Look! There on the right- a teeny tiny little sprout! It can only get bigger and better from here!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

365 Days a Year: Easter Weekend

Good Friday: Apr 6
Hooray! We had the whole long weekend ahead of us to relax and shake off the pressures from home- not downplaying the celebration of the day job-ers but we also have a couple of PHD-ers who were very pleased to get away! I enjoyed a lovely morning coffee on the top balcony on the first morning in the house, watching the wildlife in the bushland around us awaken. With my slipper socks on of course, because it was a little bit chilly! Also because they are so cool ;)
Apr 7
On Easter Saturday we took a trip, convoy style because there were that many of us, exploring the many different wineries of Margaret River. We started the day at The Berry Farm (HIGHLY recommended!) with some morning tea of pie, scones, tea and coffee. And then we did some wine and port tasting of course! We followed that visit with some extended "short cuts" through some unsealed roads because PK wanted to test out the Forrie. And because we could! Other places we stopped in at... Edwards Winery, Madfish Winery and Bootleg Brewery. We had hoped to have lunch at the brewery but it was completely packed out. *sad face*

J did some quick ringing around and secured us a place at the divine Wills Domain (it appears that their server is down but do a quick search and see who I'm talking about!)- where we had an amazing lunch accompanied by this fantastic view! I love finding new little places like that! It was definitely lucky that we managed to get in and I think it really made the day!
Easter Sunday: Apr 8
After such a busy Saturday we were all pretty keen for a bit of a lazy day on Sunday. Lucky that the Easter Bunny had already been clued in on where we would be, so we started off the day with a (very quick) Easter hunt :) Then, after some card games on the balcony/ reading a book/ watching a movie we all came together for a traditional Sunday roast. It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend, though bittersweet because we knew we would be driving home tomorrow. This picture was a quick snap to try and capture that energy- the late afternoon sun, the "Happy Birthday" banner for our birthday boy, the chairs and beers on the balcony and the view in the background... I didn't quite get it all in I think, but I guess leaving some things to your imagination is what lazy Sundays are all about?!
Easter Monday: Apr 9
And then there was Easter Monday. I have to be honest, I was asleep (or at least trying to be) for pretty much all of the journey home as I was a little... under the weather. PK did all the driving -while I supplied him with chocolates :) The traffic wasn't too bad considering how many people were travelling the same way and G was in the back seat providing us with to-the-minute information about traffic hazards and speed camers from facebook. It was definitely good to be home though!

Oops I Did it Again

Hoppy Easter!! Hehe... sorry dudes, I managed to skip town without hitting that "Publish" button again. Check back later for a full recap on the wheres why and what fors of our Easter weekend... and I'll work on getting last week's posts up too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 5

Happy long weekend!! Well, for me Thursday was the start of it, though of course not for everyone else. PK and I and a group of friends took ourselves down south for the weekend and Thursday was the day we drove to our destination. Well- I passenged :)

This was the amazing view that greeted us from our rented holiday home in Eagle Bay. It was a little odd to watch the sun set... the orientation of the point meant that instead of seeing the sun set over the ocean as we West Aussies are used to, it set over the hills! Different but noice!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 4

With the long weekend looming, I had a ton of work to get through on Wednesday afternoon. So I sat myself down with a snack bowl of grapes next to my computer- and before I knew it, the bowl was empty! Unfortunately there was still a ton of work to do, but at least the short amount of time that I enjoyed the grapes in passed by quicker!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 3

Nom nom nom tasty slow cooked goodness! It's been a little cold of late (is winter finally here?) and with both PK and I working a lot at the moment, I thought it was time to get out the slow cooker. It was pretty awesome to come home at the end of the day to the aroma of home slow-cooked lamb korma!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

365 Days a Year: Apr 2

I can't believe that the rain has finally come back! It seems like so long since we had a proper down pour- the water tank for the vegie patch had been empty for at least the last month (and that's with only using it to water the chili plant because everything else died!). I love the smell after that first rain, everything is reawakened and refreshed. I couldn't walk past this handrail with its little beads of water last night while with PK doing our weekly shop. So lovely!

Monday, April 2, 2012

365 Days a Year: Mar 29, 30, 31 & Apr 1

So, as I said earlier I was absent for the latter half of last week- so that means you get four days at once instead of the usual three! Hoorah!
Mar 29
I wasn't able to take any pics on Thursday as, of course, I wasn't able to use my eyes! So PK kindly took this ultra flattering pic of me after I had slept off the sedative they gave me to calm down for the procedure. The plastic shields are designed to prevent me from rubbing my eyes accidentally in my sleep. Totes sexy huh?!
Mar 30
By Friday I was able to use my eyes again (amazing huh?!?!?!), but unfortunately they weren't clear for long as they were soon filled with tears. :'(

My childhood kitty (who stayed behind at my mum and dad's when I moved into Muriel) had not been well for a while -as you can see she had facial cancer- but had not appeared too bothered until just recently. My mum called to let me know that they had decided to put her to sleep, as she had deteriorated and it would be kinder to prevent her further pain and suffering. It was a very sad afternoon for us all- Missey was my kitty to start with; she slept on my bed at night and would keep me company when I was studying (from upper primary school through to university!). When I moved out she became closer to my younger brother and sister but she will always be my Missey. I'm glad I got to say goodbye to such a special part of my life and that she is no longer in pain. RIP Missey moo!
Mar 31
On Saturday night PK and I attended the wedding of one of PK's uni friends and his beautiful partner. It was a lovely night, quite a spiritual ceremony which was unexpected as it was outdoors, but lovely none-the-less! This was the dessert- you should know by now that I love me some sweets! Meringue roulade with a strawberry coulis type sauce and a passionfruit sherbert. Nom nom nom! We had a great time, though I had to keep reminding PK to live in the moment and stop reflecting on what we could do at our own wedding!
Apr 1
No April Fools this year I'm afraid! After spending so long inside over the last few days due to the "laser" on Thursday, it was nice to escape to the riverside yesterday afternoon for a short time. PK needed to help his skipper pack away the yacht he crews on and I went along for the ride. It was great to just chill out, watch the rain clouds (finally) coming in, read my magasine, listen to some music and just enjoy life (without the need for glasses!)! Oh! And there were also some dolphins that swam by which was pretty cool too! A wonderful end to a wonderful weekend!


Howdy doody ladies and gents! I just wanted to drop you all a line about my (semi-planned) absence during last week -sorry about that!

As you might know (depending on who you are -Mum you definitely know this!), last week I had my eyes assessed to see if I was a candidate for laser eyes surgery. (That's what this pic was all about) I have wanted to do this procedure for myself for quite a while as I have been wearing glasses since 1999 and wasn't really happy about it!  I had hoped to make it happen last year (being my quarter-century) but PK and I didn't really have the money and being a shifty (ie shift worker), I didn't really have the ability to forward plan and know I could schedule it in.

Come 2012 and a change of occupation, those excuses didn't really fly any more. And of course, I had the added push from PK after he proposed- no way was I going to let a thing like glasses spoil my day! I wanted to be able to see the look on his face when I walk down the aisle towards him! I know that might seem like a silly reason to some, but I have never worn contacts and didn't really want to start just for a wedding (I have always had a mental issue with 'touching' my eyeballs!). So I decided to go for it and scheduled in a consult with an eye clinic. I had talked to many people who had gone through the procedure and done a stack of research, so I more or less knew what to expect in terms of cost and what to ask as well. Then, I was told that I was a great candidate (hooray!) and that I could pretty much go ahead with the operation straight away if I wanted to (as long as I had the finance sorted)... Well, we thought, why wait?!

So last Thursday I was admitted to day surgery and had my eyeballs "laser"-ed. :) And yes, whenever I say "laser" I mentally (or physically) do air quotations:

Yes, I know I'm juvenile :) So now I have absolutely fantastic eyesight! Without the need for prescriptive glasses! I have to tell you, it is pretty amazing not to have to rely on something external to know what is going on around me!

So that is why I wasn't posting last week- I had the drafts ready to go but then I couldn't use the computer (or watch tv or use the iPad for that matter) until my eyes were ready. But now I'm all good, so the rest of last week should pop up shortly :) Feel free to leave me a comment if you too have had laser eye surgery or if you have any questions- I'm full bottle on the how whys and where-fores!


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