Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Very Important News!!

Hiya! Yep, I am still here but I've been getting smashed at work this last month. It's pretty tough being the only person in a two-person role! Aside from that, in the last few weeks PK and I have busted our guts...


Yes, I know, it seems like we only just finished renovating the kitchen and we're selling already? Don't worry, we've heard it from family and friends already! But a few weekends ago, while I decided to begin tackling the massive task that was getting the front garden into shape, PK decided that he wanted to go and check out a few home opens. He still hadn't forgotten about that block -it had kept niggling at him as somewhat of a missed opportunity I think. He was ready to tackle another project now and thought the timing was right (even if I wasn't so gun-ho!).

So we left the garden alone for a few hours and checked out a few places. Nothing really jumped out at us, until we attended a private viewing of a newly built townhouse with a view to the west. Of the ocean that is! From the second floor! With a private laneway and secure access! PK was pretty much 'sold' straight away- I have been a little more cautious though!

"Let's speak to the bank" I said. Our bank consultant said it was do-able (as long as we were willing to sell Muriel, of course!)
"Let's get a second opinion" I suggested. PK's parents took a look around the house and gave it the thumbs up (as long as we wanted it and could afford it, that is!)
"Let's talk about what we need to complete on Muriel first" I cautioned. We sat down and wrote out a logical list of the things that needed to be completed before we could consider putting Muriel on the market. It looked a bit like this list and some of this one too that I recently (*ahem months ago*) posted here on the blog.

It was do-able. It was achievable. And it was still in the area that we have grown to love (and try not to take for granted!)... So we put in an offer... and waited. And waited some more! And then we heard...

Check back later for the stunning conclusion!

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