Friday, August 10, 2012

The Week That Was: 25 Jun - 1 Jul

So I managed to get behind again on this 365 project of mine... by quite a bit!! Definitely need to try and keep a better handle on this! Here's the last week of June...
Jun 25
It's hard to resist capturing Oreo when he's stretched out in front of the heater, even less so when he's also bathing in the sunlight! Such a warmth hog!
Jun 26
I'm definitely not a barista, but that doesn't stop me from attempting a little coffee art every now and then! Happy Tuesday!
Jun 27
Still feeling a little under the weather, I decided to give the home-grown mandarins that my mum had dropped off a go. I usually can't be bothered with mandys as they are soooo annoying to eat! All that pith and then a seed in every segment... Anyway I persevered, but didn't find the experience changed my mind on the fruit!
Jun 28
Hmmm thinking about a new phone- PK has the Samsung SII so I was giving it some thought now that Instagram is available for Android. Might need some more thought though!
Jun 29
 A little arty shot, late at night, at the kerbside. As you do!
Jun 30
PK made me breakfast on Saturday, perhaps as advance brownie points for what was to come- a weekend in the sticks, watching him fly around...
Jul 1
Or more accurately, glide around! We spent the weekend in Beverley (about two hours out of Perth) so that PK could try out a new hobby and get some air time. Not being such a fan of small, enclosed, unventilated spaces (I get airsick in such tiny aircraft), I spent the day in the comfort of the car, reading a magazine or two in the sun. Win win! :)

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