Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No, Seriously?

It's September?? How the heck did that happen? Last I looked we were cruising along nicely through June and all of a sudden it's frickin SEPTEMBER?!?! That sh*t Kray!

Umm no excuses for that, sorry guys! I've been lazily working on figuring out a way to post all of July's 365 Days a Year pics in one post, so as not to draw it out too much- I guess I need to now add August's pics to that project now too, hmm?

You may ask what's been happening with the sale of the house... you know, after the big reveal and all, right? Well, mainly PK and I have waited. And see-d. And put up with the torture of a few jam-packed weekends of home opens. And private viewings during the week too! Our real estate agent has really worked hard to make sure both sales were going to happen- remember, our offer on the new house was subject to the sale of Muriel!

We did have a couple of bites, but no real takers... for the first 11 days anyway!! Yep, that's right, we were officially on the market for only 11 days before some beautiful, kind, happy people made an offer that PK and I could comfortably accept! And accept we did :)

So that of course meant that PK could safely go off on his around the country outback adventure, no worries right? Well, not exactly- we still had to wait. And wait. And. wait. For the word that the buyer's finance approval had come through... and without that finance approval, the offer would have to be retracted, the house would have to go back on the market and our offer 'subject to sale' on the new place could plausibly fall through. Oh and there is still my day job to reckon with. And a wedding to plan that seems to be getting closer too quickly! So, no pressure or anything!

But, never fear PK said, I'll be home before you know it! And off he went...

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