Monday, September 10, 2012

The MONTH That Was: July

So there it all is! In no particular order, because that's how my scrambled brain remembers things ;)

During July, there was a lot of Oreo doing things- sneaking porridge from my bowl, watching for visitors, climbing into and out of boxes, chilling out- and of course a lovely visit to the vet! He's all good now but he did give us a scare towards the end of the month.

PK and I also did some chilling out of our own, while also preparing for PK's big Air Race by holding some sausage sizzles to fundraise- this involved chopping lots and lots and LOTS of onions. Our entire house smelled like onions for about a week! That was, until we started pulling up carpet and painting...

As you can see there was also quite a bit of yummy food- a successful experiment with Asian-influenced chicken noodle soup, a fun breakfast treat, planting some mint (ready for mojitos!) and a little bit of take-away food too. We also celebrated our anniversary with a delightful dinner out, something we don't do nearly enough!

July also brought a lot of activity, whether we were inside the house (starting those final touches ready for the house sale), outside the house in the sunshine or out with friends. I started playing netball again, something that I had been wanting to do for some time but couldn't because of shift work- so you can bet that I was happy about that! Even if I was a little disappointed that I now have to trim my nails back every week!

I think that more or less covers it all, July was quite busy though, as was August (soon to be posted) and September is shaping up to be another hectic month too! If you have any questions about a particular pic, let me know and I'll describe it more in the comments :)

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