Tour Muriel

This is a blog all about Muriel right? So let's take a look inside! Follow the bold links for more information and pics each of the rooms listed!

As you enter the front door, you are met with the main living area. This is the start of what could be called the Great Room -as you can view the whole room from the front door to the back kitchen wall.
Work in Progress!
Following on from the living area, you will walk through the dining area.
Work in Progress!
Next after the dining area, you will enter our kitchen.
Work in Progress!
Through the sliding doors to the left of the dining area, we have our little courtyard garden, one of a few green areas at Muriel.
Work in Progress!
Once you leave the great room and its adjacent courtyard, you will head down our hallway towards our three bedrooms. Just to the right is the first bedroom, or as we are using it right now, the study.
It has now become PK's 'man cave'. Many things are on my list of planned works for this room, including changing the colour and upgrading the storage- I just have to get PK out of it long enough!

Down the hall a little further is the laundry- also known as Oreo's room

Through those sliding doors you can see in the laundry, you can walk one way into our double garage:
Or the other direction will lead you to our washing line and the ever changing vegie patch.
Back inside the house, we have the bathroom, separate toilet, and second bedroom:
And finally, the master bedroom:
Work in Progress
And there you have our little 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom Muriel! Stay tuned for all the changes we make as we strive to let Muriel shine- and check back on this page often as with each new change will come new progress pictures!


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