Muriel is actually not a person, but a place! It is the first house that PK and I have called home -outside of our family homes- and we are enjoying everything that home ownership can bring. As our first home together, we are learning everything as we go and this blog is all about those experiences.
My name is Cathy and outside of my regular job in the health science field, I enjoy fantasising about decorating and interior design! I am by no means an expert on either of these topics but I do know what I like! I started this blog to describe those things, as well as the developments at Muriel- good, bad and ugly! I also have a bit of a problem with over-using exclamation marks!! But I am working on that ;)
From time to time you will see me refer to 'PK' and 'Oreo'- they are my main men so I couldn't do an 'about' without telling you all about them! PK is my human main man, my partner in crime for the last seven years and counting! He is a mechatronic engineer- I don't really understand what he does at work, but he is one mighty smart cookie at home and I love him to bits :) We recently became engaged- it came as a bit of a surprise to me really! Details of our wedding plans may feature here on the blog... as soon as we make some!
Oreo is our curious kitty and when he is not getting into trouble, he is getting into cupboards! He was a surprise birthday present from PK a couple of years ago and since being rescued from the Cat Haven -and from the name Demerit- he has become a well loved member of the Muriel family.

When PK and I first moved in together in 2007, Muriel was a rental house- and it showed! It was a little bland and blank and obviously needed a little love, but it suited us just fine for our first home. In 2009 we bought the 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom Muriel, with an idea that we could make it better. It has taken us a little while, but now we are finally getting around to those grand plans and I hope to bring you the improvements, triumphs, failures and inspiration From Muriel.


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